Kuwait Fire Tragedy Claims Lives of Several Indian Workers

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In a tragic incident, at least 45 Indians lost their lives in a fire that broke out in a building housing migrant workers in Kuwait’s Mangaf area. Among the deceased, 23 were from Kerala and seven from Tamil Nadu. The victims included engineers, drivers, supervisors, and other professionals, working for the NBTC group, Kuwait’s largest construction firm. The Indian government is coordinating with authorities in Kuwait to bring back the bodies for last rites.

Victims from Kerala

Sreehari Pradeep: A 27-year-old mechanical engineer from Changanassery, Sreehari had joined NBTC recently. His father, Pradeep, also works in Kuwait, while his mother, Deepa, resides in Kerala. Sreehari had only been in Kuwait for a few days before the tragic incident occurred. His family had been anxiously waiting for news of his safety, but he was eventually identified by his father at a hospital morgue.

Binoy Thomas: A native of Thrissur, Binoy had reached Kuwait just five days before the incident. He was last seen talking to his family online until 2 am on the day of the fire. His family lost contact with him soon after, and the government agency Norka later confirmed his death. Binoy leaves behind his wife, Jinitha, and two young children. He had gone to Kuwait with the dream of earning enough money to build a house for his family.

Sajan George: The 29-year-old M.Tech graduate from Punalur, Kollam, had been in Kuwait for a month working as a junior mechanical engineer. Sajan had reluctantly moved to Kuwait on his father’s encouragement, despite being content with his job as an assistant professor at a private engineering college in Adoor, Pathanamthitta district. Just days before the fire, he had sent his first salary home. He is survived by his parents, George Pothen and Valsamma, and his sister.

Nithin Kuthoor: A driver for NBTC from Vayakkara, Kannur, Nithin had been working in Kuwait for five years. He had been saving to build a house on a small plot of land he owned in Kerala. His friend, Pramod C P, shared that Nithin’s dream was to return to Kerala and complete the house. His father, Lakshman, and brother, Lijin, are also drivers in Kannur.

Shibu Varghese: A 38-year-old accountant from NBTC, Shibu had worked in Kuwait for 11 years. His brother Shiju also works in Kuwait. Shibu is survived by his wife, Rosie Thomas, and a three-year-old son.

Other Victims from Kerala:

  • Akash S Nair: A 32-year-old native of Panthalam in Pathanamthitta district, Akash had been working in Kuwait for the past eight years. He had come to India on leave a year ago.
  • Chennasseril Saju Varghese: A 65-year-old man from Konni in Pathanamthitta district, Varghese had been working in Kuwait for 22 years. He is survived by his wife Bindu and two children.
  • Akash: A 23-year-old from Pathanamthitta. More details about his whereabouts are awaited.
  • Lucose: The 48-year-old Kollam native has been working as a supervisor at NBTC in Kuwait for 18 years. He had not visited Kerala in a year. He is survived by his wife Shiny and their two children.
  • Kelu Ponmaleri: He worked as a production engineer with NBTC Group. A native of Thrikaripur in Kasargod, Kelu is survived by his wife, KN Mani, who is a panchayat employee, and two sons.
  • Ranjith: A 34-year-old Kasargod native who had been working in Kuwait for the last 10 years.
  • Shemeer: A Kollam native who worked as a driver in Kuwait for the last five years.
  • Stephin Abraham Sabu: A Kottayam Pampadi native, Sabu worked as an engineer in Kuwait. One of his brothers, Febein, is also in Kuwait.
  • Vishwas Krishna: A Kannur native, Krishna, 34, joined a private company in Kuwait nine months ago after leaving his job in Bengaluru. He is survived by his wife, Pooja Ramesh, and 3-year-old son, Daivik.
  • Thomas C Ommen: A native of Pathanamthitta, Thomas was in Kuwait for the last six years. His family first learned about the incident through the newspaper and later received confirmation from the authorities. He is survived by his wife and children. He was supposed to attend the house-warming of his new house, currently under construction.
  • Bahuleyan: The 36-year-old from Malappuram worked as the in-charge of a section at the Kuwait Highway Hyper Market.

Victims from Tamil Nadu

Veerachamy Mariappan: From Tuticorin’s Kovilpatti, Veerachamy had been living in Kuwait for over 20 years. He had been working hard to support his family back home and had planned to return soon.

Raju Ebamesan: A 54-year-old from Trichy, Raju worked as a driver for NBTC. He had been providing for his family and was looking forward to his next visit home.

Karupannan Ramu: Hailing from Ramanathapuram, Karupannan had been in Kuwait for 26 years. He was supposed to return to his native village in the next four days. The initial information his family received was that he had been admitted to a hospital due to the fire accident, but later his death was confirmed.

Other Victims from Tamil Nadu:

  • Bhunaf Richard: The 28-year-old man from Thanjavur was working as a quality manager with NBTC.
  • Krishnamurthy Chinnadurai: Cuddalore native Krishnamurthy had last spoken to his family members on the night of the tragedy. There was no contact afterward. One of his friends informed the family about the fire accident later, and his death was subsequently confirmed.
  • Govindan Shivashankar: A 48-year-old from Chennai, Govindan reportedly went to Kuwait through an agency to work there on a two-year contract as a driver. His family lives in the Royapuram area of Chennai.

Victims from Other States

Andhra Pradesh:

  • Tamada Lokanadham: He was a 37-year-old rolling operator helper from Parvathagiri in Warangal district, who had just returned to Kuwait after a holiday in India. He died from asphyxiation at the camp.
  • Meesala Eswar: The 34-year-old from Kothapalem in Bapatla district was working as a delivery boy in highway stores in Kuwait. He succumbed to injuries days after the incident during his treatment in the hospital.
  • Molleti Satyanarayana: 36-year-old Molleti, who hailed from Narasannapeta in Srikakulam district, was also a delivery boy. He died from the injuries he sustained in the fire.


  • Two victims yet to be named.

Other States:

  • Himmat Rai: A 63-year-old man from Punjab’s Hoshiarpur. Rai is survived by his wife, a son who is currently in the 10th grade, and two married daughters. Rai was the sole breadwinner of his family.
  • Dwarikesh Patnaik: A 52-year-old resident of West Midnapore in Bengal.
  • Anil Giri: From Haryana, Anil had left his homeland for Kuwait five years ago in search of a livelihood. According to his family, Anil was currently preparing to return home, but this accident occurred, and he lost his life.
  • Kale Khan: A young man from Bihar’s Darbhanga, Kale Khan remains missing after the deadly fire. Kale Khan had moved to Kuwait two years ago in search of better opportunities. He spoke to his mother just two days before the fire. The situation at his residence remains tense, but his family is holding onto hope for any news about Kale Khan’s safety.

The Indian government is working to expedite the repatriation of the deceased. The tragedy highlights the risks faced by migrant workers striving to secure a better future for their families.

List of Deceased Indian Nationals in NBTC Fire Incident (As per the details shared by Kuwaiti Authorities)

Sl.No Passport No. Civil ID Number State Employee Name
1 V9368345 283051302036 Tamil Nadu Veerachamy Mariappn
2 X3273438 278123007778 Andhra Pradesh Satyanarayana Molleti
3 M9887771 277011013714 Andhra Pradesh Eeswarudu Meesala
4 P0377277 287042505884 Kerala Arun Babu
5 Y7152497 282060108978 Tamil Nadu Vijayakumar Prasanna
6 N1651171 281022007645 Bihar Sheo Shanker Singh
7 N1438753 296071802655 Kerala Nithin Koothur
8 V6051375 267053008076 Kerala Aneesh Kumar Unnan Kandy
9 W3120353 276051026419 Tamil Nadu Sivashankar Govindan
10 M4413652 291081506611 Kerala Cibin Thevarottu Abraham
11 S2349323 287030307311 Kerala Thomas Chirayil Oommen
12 V1968265 271052401791 Kerala Mathew Thomas
13 V7438573 292091802507 Kerala Akash Sasidharan Nair
14 Z3466491 292080504635 Odisha Mahammad Jahur
15 S5883356 290100503025 Kerala Rengith Kundadukkam
16 M9883590 286022704929 Kerala Shibu Varghese
17 N9441847 281070204061 Karnataka Sreehari Pradeep
18 N5570912 271012506628 Tamil Nadu Raju Ebamesan
19 V9391217 259071702299 Tamil Nadu Karupannan Ramu
20 R3501121 296040902776 Tamil Nadu Bhunaf Richard Roy Anandha Manoharan
21 B9268447 288052516813 Kerala Sreejesh Thankappan Nair
22 S9917688 268041703666 Kerala Saju Varghese
23 M7957366 266050309098 Kerala Kelu Ponmaleri
24 S5017949 294121403697 Kerala Stephin Abraham Sabu
25 X8042326 288050511138 Kerala Bahuleyan Marakkadath Parambil
26 R9270719 291041304812 Maharashtra Denny Baby Karunakaran
27 U3702362 286050311911 Odisha Santosh Kumar Gouda
28 T0708152 281040115703 Kerala Nooh Kuppante Purakkal
29 P9486539 276053106578 Kerala Lukose Vadakottu Oonnunny
30 R1997777 295020904278 Kerala Sajan George
31 N1650722 263042302298 Kerala Pulinilkunna Vasudevan Muraleedharan Nair
32 M5455919 271010111876 West Bengal Dwarikesh Patta Nayak
33 V1964052 289071903856 Uttar Pradesh Praveen Madhav Singh
34 T6754975 287120803335 Tamil Nadu Mohammed Sharief Sharief
35 R2792864 293112902887 Andhra Pradesh Lokanadham Tamada
36 P9871387 288040514466 Kerala Viswas Krishnan
37 V7438827 285071010072 Uttar Pradesh Jairam Gupta
38 S5012690 362509002 Kerala Sreehari Pradeep
39 T9122831 299042703205 Jharkhand Md Ali Hussain
40 T2566878 280050810588 Kerala Binoy Thomas Thomas
41 N0130911 278120706434 Uttar Pradesh Angad Gupta
42 W0763733 291050111035 Kerala Shameer Umarudheen
43 P8282029 288011022702 Haryana Anil Giri
44 R8278236 261030702914 Punjab Himat Rai
45 Z3332979 285042007974 Kerala Sumesh Pillai Sundaran

The Indian government is working to expedite the repatriation of the deceased. The tragedy highlights the risks faced by migrant workers striving to secure a better future for their families.

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