Wordle 574 Answer, January 14: Check Out Hints And Clues To Solve Today’s Wordle Puzzle

Wordle 574 Answer, January 14: Check Out Hints And Clues To Solve Today’s Wordle Puzzle

Wordle 574 Answer Today, January 14: The Wordle challenge may not be very easy today, though it’s not a word that is unheard of. The word of the day is a common noun — an animal. However, what makes the challenge tricky is the fact that this animal is not found in this part of the world and hence we don’t mention it in our regular conversations. It’s also a vowel-heavy word and contains a rare consonant. The combination of letters won’t be very difficult to guess if you crack a couple of letters early on. You won’t face the problem of multiple options for sure. Need more help to solve Wordle 574? Keep reading.

How To Play Wordle And What Are Its Rules

Wordle completed a year in June 2022, and has become more challenging now. The guessing game created by US-based software engineer Josh Wardle last year was an instant hit, with players finding the brain exercise exciting. The New York Times bought the game in January 2022. 

Wordle rules are simple. You have six chances to guess the five-letter randomly-generated word, which is released every midnight. The small squares where you fill in the letters turn green, yellow or grey, suggesting if you are right. 

A green box means the letter is in the right location.

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If the box turns yellow, it means your guess is right but the letter is not in the right place.

A grey box means the letter is incorrect.

Wordle 574 Hints And Answer

The word contains two vowels, one of them used twice It’s a noun The vowels are ‘O’ and ‘A’  The first letter is ‘K’   We hope you found the hints useful. If not, read on and see the correct answer.

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The Wordle 574 answer is ‘KOALA’. ‘Koalas’, Australian mammals with greyish fur, live in eucalyptus trees and eat their leaves.