Why Saying ‘Yes’ To Organic Cotton Bedsheets Is Beneficial For Your Bedroom

Why Saying ‘Yes’ To Organic Cotton Bedsheets Is Beneficial For Your Bedroom

Don’t we all love the sight of our beautiful bed after a long tiring day at work? And what better way to get your dose of comfortable sleep than to sink into those cozy sheets. 

Bedsheets form a crucial part of your bed linen and of course, you want nothing less than the best to put on your bed. A fabric that offers ultimate comfort amps up the look and feel of your room and proves to be value for money. 

Rajiv Merchant, President of Domestic Retail, Indo Count, Boutique Living says, “Our health is directly related to our sleep. It’s crucial to get a good night’s sleep in order to stay fit. Organic cotton bed sheets give you not just breathability but also are healthy for your skin and keep your body cool while you sleep. The fabric is sustainable so they’re not just good for you but also for the environment. An Organic cotton bedsheet is a key to a good night’s sleep.”

Organic Cotton Is High-Quality Cotton And Environmentally Friendly

Organic cotton is high-quality cotton. The cotton crop has not been treated with harsh chemicals during farming and subsequent processing and this is a major difference between organic and non-organic cotton. Its durability is more if not as than nonorganic cotton. It also uses significantly less water than non-organic cotton, thereby it is safer for the environment. 

Resistant To Mites And Bed Bugs

It’s crucial to take care of your bedsheets in order for them to last long. Bugs and mites tend to infest your bedsheets and mattresses if you do not maintain and ensure the hygiene of your bed. However, using organic bedsheets will help you avoid this issue. The techniques and materials used in manufacturing organic sheets are eco-friendly and resistant to mites and bugs. They are heavy, dense, and thick, making it strong and hard for germs, bacterias, and pesticides to penetrate them.

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Investing in organic bed linen will save you money in the long run because of its high quality and durable nature. There are multiple benefits to your health and your environment while opting for organic cotton. 

No Synthetic Pesticides Or Fertilisers

Organic cotton is made keeping in mind its effects on nature. A range of natural techniques is used to support the growth of healthy crops. Growing organic cotton does not include using toxic pesticides and artificial fertilisers. This keeps waterways safe and the cotton crop is free of synthetic pesticides.

No Toxic Chemical-Based Dyes

Organic cotton is certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This ensures that manufacturers meet strict social and environmental criteria. This also ensures that only low-impact chemicals are used in dyes. 

Gentle On The Skin

We all love sheets that feel soft and are nonirritable to our skin. Organic sheets and comforters are one of the finest skin-friendly fabrics for your bedding because it doesn’t use tic dyes and chemicals and is, therefore, falsafe for your skin. Organic sheets are the most preferred bedding for newborns and people who have sensitive skin.

Better Night Sleep

Organic sheets are extremely breathable and soft that can make your night comfortable. For long-lasting comfort and healthy sleep, organic sheets are the best choices you can make for yourself.

Keeps You Cool

 Organic sheets being breathable assure the air circulation that benefits you and stays cool throughout night sleep. Better and warm sleep ensures good behavior and health.

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Volatile Organic Compounds VCOs:

Swapping regular sheets with the organic ones or switching to natural and organic sheets means that you are not sleeping in and breathing in hazardous volatile organic compounds VCOs, flame-resistant, and other harmful toxic chemicals. This gives you a one-up on the health factor.