What Happens When A British Monarch Passes Away – Here Are The Royal Protocols To Be Followed

What Happens When A British Monarch Passes Away – Here Are The Royal Protocols To Be Followed

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest serving monarch, passed away at 96 on Thursday at Balmoral Castle, her estate in the Scottish Highlands. She reigned for 70 years. Her husband, Prince Philip, died in April 2021, just weeks short of his 100th birthday.

Prince Charles will now automatically become King. Charles has been next in line to the throne for seven decades — the longest wait in the history of the British monarchy.

If Prince Charles chooses to keep his own name (royals can choose another upon ascending to the throne) he will be known as King Charles III.

Queen Elizabeth II has been in power for the greatest period of time in history. What will happen when she passes away? What procedure or protocol will be followed? Here’s all that will happen: 

Operation London Bridge Will Begin: 

Following the Queen’s demise, the Operation London Bridge begins. There will be 10 days of activity from the Queen’s death to her funeral. According to The Crown, the death of Elizabeth’s father King George VI was known as ‘Hyde Park Corner’ while that of the Queen Mother was ‘Tay Bridge’.

Immediately following the Queen’s death, the prime minister will be informed by the Queen’s private secretary. A number of the most senior ministers and officials will also be informed before the information is made public to the remaining 36 Commonwealth countries and the 15 additional countries where the Queen is head of state.

The Global Response Center of the Foreign Office, which has offices in an undisclosed part of London, handles this.

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Official Notifications To Be Placed On Gates Of Buckingham Palace: 

The news will be open to the public only when a notification will be posted on the gates of the Buckingham Palace. A press release will be sent out to all media channels, according to the Guardian. The announcement will appear on the homepage of the royal family’s official website at the same time. 

Protocols Before The Funeral: 

The Queen’s body will remain at Buckingham Palace for the anticipated 10-day period between her passing and her funeral so that the family can spend time together. After that, she will be transferred to Westminister Hall, where she will remain for a few days so that people can pay their respects. And then, on the 10th day, a state-level funeral will be carried out. The military and government will organise the burial, which will be attended by state representatives from all over the world.

Protocols On The Day Of Funeral: 

A national day of mourning will be observed by the nation (including the stock market), and Big Ben will ring at nine in the morning on that day. The crown jewels will be cleaned that morning. Before the coffin arrives at Westminister Abbey at 11 am, and the country will fall silent.