WATCH: Explosion At Chemical Factory In China Damages Buildings Located 1Km Away

WATCH: Explosion At Chemical Factory In China Damages Buildings Located 1Km Away

A day after a fire broke out in a factory in Anyang in central China’s Henan province that killed at least 38 people, a strong explosion was reported from a chemical factory that damaged buildings located 1km away from the site, reported South China Morning Post, citing local reports.

The video shared on the micro-blogging site Twitter by the portal on Wednesday, November 23, opens with an explosion at the factory and smoke billowing from the plant. It then goes on to show the damage caused to nearby buildings. One can see the window of an apartment shattered and the ceilings collapsed, including the walls. Employees of a pharmacy shop located near the factory were also seen rushing out in panic after hearing the explosion.

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The fire has, however, been put out according to the government officials. There has bee no report on the number of casualties so far due to the explosion, reported the South China Morning Post. 

A chemical factory in central China exploded, damaging buildings that are located 1km away, according to reports.

— South China Morning Post (@SCMPNews) November 23, 2022

An investigation is underway to know the cause behind the incident. 

Notably, an explosion had taken place in the same factory in September last year said a local resident, according to the website.

The incident comes after a factory fire in China’s Henan province on Tuesday claimed 38 lives, while two other people were injured, and two remained missing, according to Reuters.

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The fire broke out on Monday afternoon at about 4pm local time and took firefighters close to four hours to extinguish it.