US Midterm Elections: Explainer For Non-Americans

US Midterm Elections: Explainer For Non-Americans

The United States midterm elections are being held today after two years since US President Joe Biden came to power in 2020. Though Biden is not up for re-election till 2024, other candidates who are eyeing positions ranging from county commissioner or tribal chief to US senator are willingly waiting for the midterm elections outcome.

Millions of voters are expected to cast their votes today in the key midterm elections. As the Democrats and the Republicans are gearing up for the fight in the elections, here’s what is at stake:

 What are the midterms? Every two years after a presidential election, the midterms take place, where it gets decided who among the two chambers of the Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives, will get the majority as well as whether the president will get any new policies passed or if the opposition will be able to block the agenda. 

All 435 seats in the US House of Representatives will be contested while 35 Senators of the 100 Senate seats also will be elected.

Mansions belonging to governors’ are also up for grabs in 36 states including Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and there are elections for state-level lawmakers, secretaries of state and attorneys general.

Key issues 

The Republicans are more focussed on the struggling economy of the country with the high inflation rate and the rising cost of living while the Democrats are hoping to get support in their defence of reproduction rights and democratic institutions. 

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Immigration is also one of the major aspects that will have an impact on the outcome since Republicans have strongly voiced their opinions against immigration throughout the midterm campaign, blaming Democrats for allowing large numbers of asylum seekers to arrive at the US’s southern border with Mexico.

Majorly, topics involving the economy, abortion, immigration, and democracy will decide the outcome of the election.