Man Detained On ‘Obscenity’ Charge For PDA With Minor While Riding Scooter On UP Roads After Video Goes Viral

Man Detained On ‘Obscenity’ Charge For PDA With Minor While Riding Scooter On UP Roads After Video Goes Viral

A man on Wednesday has been arrested by the Lucknow Police on Wednesday in the Hazratganj area after a video of him romancing with a girl while driving the scooter went viral reported news agency ANI. On Tuesday, the indecent gestures video of a couple was shared on social media. The man in the viral video was quickly apprehended by the police, and the girl turned out to be a minor.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP) Central Lucknow Rajesh Srivastava told ANI on Wednesday, “A video came to light, yesterday, showing a man & a minor girl sitting on a scooter in an inappropriate manner, under Hazratganj Police station area in Lucknow.”

The accused has been identified as Vickey Sharma and has been slapped with cases under IPC Sections 294 and 279.

“Case has been filed under IPC sec 294, 279 and the 23-year-old, Vicky Sharma, who was driving the scooter has been detained and his scooter has been seized” the ADCP added.

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After the video went viral, police started looking for the couple and used CCTV footage to find Vicky. He has been charged with reckless driving and public obscene acts.

The case was filed for spreading obscenity in a public place. The police added that the accused young man is said to be from a rural area, and that the girl who was with him turned out to be underage.

Netizens have also reacted sharply on social media with many blaming the younger generation. 

“Yes they made themselves Proud On a Riding Position. Sorry For their Parents Wonder why the Traffic Police did not spot or there is no Traffic Police implemented on this busy road For such kind of stunts use your Private rooms or couple friendly hotels,” wrote one person.

“I feel laws related to traveling over bike for safe travel should be unlocked among youngsters. Also, these two girls should know safe travel laws using helmet. They should know how to travel safely. It’s not always fun, accidental cases are rising day by day!”

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