TV Celebs Share Their Makar Sankranti & Lohri Plans For This Year

TV Celebs Share Their Makar Sankranti & Lohri Plans For This Year

New Delhi: Lohri 2023 is here. People from across the country celebrate Lohri  in various forms, such as Makar Sankranti and Pongal in other parts of India. Lohri is primarily celebrated in the Northern part of India. It signifies the end of winter and also the harvest season in India.

As people from all over India celebrate the festival, TV celebs shared their Lohri wishes and plans. Let’s take a look. Samridhii Shukla who plays the role of Saavi in ‘Saavi Ki Savaari’ shared, “Every year on Makar Sankranti, I look forward to flying kites and indulging in the seasonal sweets. Even though I’m not very good at flying kites, I still give it my best shot. We also prepare a special khichdi at home. It’s my favorite! This year, I get to celebrate the festival on set with my COLORS family that has loved and supported me since my association with it. I can’t wait to see my friends and have a great time with them after taking a break from the shoot. I wish everyone a very joyful Makar Sankranti.” 

 Gashmeer Mahajani who will be seen playing the role of Armaan in ‘Ishq Mein Ghayal’ shared, “I grew up in Pune, where Makar Sankranti is brought in with much fanfare. My favorite memory is kite-flying on the terrace with all of my friends and family. As a kid, I was very excited about purchasing fancy kites that can trump others in a kite-flying competition. Now, the festival is all about being with my family. I wish all the viewers of COLORS a very happy Makar Sankranti.” 

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 Hitesh Bharadwaj who plays the role of Ekam in ‘Udaariyaan’ shared, “Celebration of Lohri is one of my favourite childhood memories. As a child, I waited for this festival every year. While we bid farewell to the gloomy and chilly winter days, we enjoyed ourselves by lighting up the bonfire. We used to sing songs, dance, and gather around the bonfire with our family and friends. Even today, we abide by the ritual of praying to the holy Lohri fire and asking for everyone’s good health.” 

 Twinkle Arora who plays the role of Nehmat in ‘Udaariyaan’ shared, “The festival of Lohri has been an unmissed tradition in my family.  My family would look forward to Lohri because it marks the end of winter and signals the onset of spring. My friends and I would get together and dance around the bonfire and eat fried snacks. It was so much fun to catch up with everyone. I have kept the tradition going even on the set of Udaariyaan, and here in Chandigarh, it is celebrated with immense celebration.

 Ankit Gupta who will be seen essaying the role of Jahaan in ‘Junooniyatt’ shared, “Lohri has always been about spending quality time with family for me. One of its biggest highlights is the delicious food that’s prepared for the day. My family loves gorging on sarson da saag and makki di roti along with some of my favorite desserts, such as til ki barfi, makhane ki kheer, and pinni. I think that it’s a celebration of harmony and new beginnings. I pray for everyone’s well-being this Lohri.” 

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 Surbhi Chandna who plays the role of Manmeet in Sherdil Shergill shared, “One of my fondest memories of Makar Sankranti is waiting for the special food prepared for it. The khichdi, til gul laadu and puran poli are my absolute favourites. This year, I’ll be celebrating the festival with my COLORS family on the Sherdil Shergill set as well. I might bring kites to the sets and fly them during our break. May everyone have something to celebrate on this Makar Sankranti.”