Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Vs Honda City Hybrid — Check Out Features, Mileage, Space And Price

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Vs Honda City Hybrid —  Check Out Features, Mileage, Space And Price

Suddenly you have not just one but two hybrid offerings at the price point of around 20 lakh and that gives buyers more options. But, what are the differences between the hybrid City and Hyryder along with which is the more efficient car? Let us take a look.Which Car Is Bigger?The City hybrid is longer a sedan while the Hyryder is wider but both have the same wheelbase which points to a similar room inside the City has a roomier back seat while the Hyryder front seat has a clear taller driving position.Which Car Has The Most Features?Both cars are very well equipped with a digital display, a touch screen, connected car tech and more. However, there are differences in the fact that the Hyryder has a head-up display, a 360-degree camera and a larger dual-pane sunroof too. The City hybrid has lane watch tech and also it has ADAS driver assistance features.Which Car Is More Powerful?The Hyryder has a combined output of 115bhp with the combination of the 1.5l petrol and the electric motor. There is also a separate EV mode and option to get regenerative braking. The City hybrid also has a 1.5l petrol engine but with two electric motors with a combined output of 126 bhp. Both have a eCVT gearbox. However, in the City you have steering paddles by which you can adjust the regen braking.Which Car Is More Efficient?Both cars have fantastic mileage figures and nothing else can match it with the City hybrid having an efficiency of 26.5 kmpl while the Hyryder getting slightly more at 27.9 kmpl. Both cars will easily give more than 20 kmpl in the real world.Which Is The Better Buy?The City e:HEV is priced at Rs 19.4 lakh while the Hyryder is expected to be priced around that or even lower than that with a higher localization level. Hence, now there are two options for hybrid buyers and we feel the City is quicker while the Hyryder has more efficiency. But, it ultimately boils down to whether you prefer a sedan or an SUV.

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