Top 4 Lohri Makeup Looks For Newlywed Brides

Top 4 Lohri Makeup Looks For Newlywed Brides

Lohri, a holiday celebrated in Punjab, is almost approaching. The first Lohri is thought to be extremely lucky for the newlywed. One of the most significant holidays for Sikhs and Punjabis is Lohri.

In an interaction with ABP Live, Ankit Gupta and Aanchal Malhotra Gupta, Founders, amág Beauty shared some modern Lohri makeup tips for newlywed brides to help you look stunning and will make you the centre of attention this year’s Lohri festivities.

1- Colourful Bright Eye Makeup Look:

If you want to experiment with your look, try adding colour to your eye makeup. This will draw attention to your eyes and add a theatrical element to your Lohri makeup. You can either use green eyeshadow or blue or brown kajal on your waterline to produce a colourful eye appearance. By doing this, you’ll give your eyes more depth and ensure that they can speak for themselves. Your eyes will get more attention if you wear a bindi. Choose a lipstick shade that is nude to finish the appearance.

 2- The Glossy Glow Diva Look:

Everyone wants to slay with the glossy shine and sport the glossy makeup look—it’s the talk of the town. If you enjoy dewy and light base makeup, this may be the ideal Lohri makeup look for you. Instead of covering your face in foundation, opt for a brighter, more flushed makeup appearance. Use a dewy primer first to give your face a soft glow in order to get this look. It’s important to choose the correct shade of foundation, concealer, and powder when applying your Lohri makeup. Next, dab some blush on the apples of your cheeks and lightly dust it on your nose to give yourself a rosy appearance. To finish your Lohri makeup, apply shimmery eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lengthening mascara to your eyes.  Apply your preferred lipstick, and your stunning Lohri appearance is complete!

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3- The Dramatic Smokey Eye Look: 

Everybody looks beautiful with a smoked-out eye. The ideal occasion to try this style is Lohri. Your appearance can be completely elevated by dark smokey eyes with a bronze or gold undertone. After sketching the winged eyeliner with your go-to kohl or pencil eyeliner, lightly smoke it out to add a little extra drama. Don’t forget to use the same product and smudge it out down the lower lash line to create a smokey effect. Red or maroon lipstick and heavy mascara can be worn in addition to this to complete the look.

4- Natural Soft Glam Makeup Look:

You look ethereal when you wear light glam makeup. Focus on bringing out your face’s best features rather than overdoing makeup to accomplish this style. To give your face a diffused appearance before adding the optimum natural soft glam makeup, use a pore-filling primer. Keep your eye makeup simple—it looks best that way. Apply a little coating of matte eyeshadow and give your lids a subtle shimmery tint. Not forgetting to fill in your brows will help define your face. Finish off your soft glam makeup look with nude lipstick. You may also use tinted lip balm and creamy lipstick to create the gorgeous ombre lip makeup look of your choosing.