Tired Of Skin Damage Caused By Pollution? Check Out These 5 Fixes To Revive Your Glow

Tired Of Skin Damage Caused By Pollution? Check Out These 5 Fixes To Revive Your Glow

The closing of the festive season after all the days of cleaning, binge eating oily foods and sweets, wearing make-up every day for long hours, and skipping skincare routines definitely leaves your skin affected. More importantly, as the season changes and the fragrant winter makes its way, so does the rising level of pollution. 

Our skin is often exposed to the scorching sun, dry air, and smoke from raging traffic on the roads and a whole lot of dust. All of this settles on our skin and makes it tough for it to breathe. 

“If your exposure to these elements is high and your skin isn’t protected well, it can cause great impact on your skin barrier, starting from pigmentation problems to uneven skin tone and dullness. Pollution can also promote premature skin ageing. People with sensitive skin types are even more susceptible as they have a compromised skin barrier to start with, making it ever more important to ensure your skin is taken care of”, says Dr Aakriti Mehra, Resident Dermatologist at Kult app. 

So, how do you revive your skin? Dr Aakriti details how you can give your skin the extra attention that it deserves and protect it from the effects of pollution.

Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing (CTM)

Your face gives away everything. So before you look towards any special treatments or spas – make sure to rigorously follow the Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing (CTM) regimen. These three steps are the Holy Grail to healthy, glowing skin. This regimen ensures a total cleanse and complete removal of any dust and dirt from the surface of your skin. 

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Hydration Is Key

When your skin is saturated with pollution, it is screaming for hydration before anything else. While a wide range of cosmetics aim to cater to hydrating your skin externally, consuming more water every day can be a game changer. Additionally, you can also consume fruits with high water content like citrus fruits and watermelon, which make for a quick, refreshing snack. This will help your skin maintain its elasticity.

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Vitamin C Peel

Applying vitamin C to the skin can promote the growth of new collagen that makes your skin look rejuvenated and fresh. Antioxidants found in vitamin C (ascorbic acid) are believed to make your skin feel young and beautiful. It aids in removing free radicals and improves tissue healing. This is why a vitamin C peel is a fantastic way to repair the skin and boost skin cell growth. It also helps in fading pigmentation and acne scars, revealing clear and radiant skin.

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Sheet Masks

The most convenient way to enhance skin health is with a sheet mask. Giving you some extra hydration for a long-lasting glow, it serves as the perfect option for serums and special creams. In fact, a sheet mask can help moisturise your skin to give it a supple bounce and to make it more radiant. Depending on how dry your skin is, use sheet masks two to three times a week, in addition to your usual skin routine, after cleansing and toning. 

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Sun Protection 

Make sure to never ever forget sunblock. You don’t want your cleansed skin to be fried in the scorching sun. Not only are UV rays super harmful to your skin but added with the pollution and dust around, the lack of sun protection can make your skin look way duller. Also, remember to always use a scarf/a pair of sunglasses when you go out. Most importantly, select multipurpose cosmetic products such as moisturisers with SPF for a quick, simple, and effective skincare regimen.