Suposhan Sangini, An Initiative Giving Hope To Children Battling Health Concerns, One Life At A Time

Suposhan Sangini, An Initiative Giving Hope To Children Battling Health Concerns, One Life At A Time

New Delhi: Suposhan Sangini, an initiative for bringing nourishment to villages is helping transform lives, one child at a time.

Four-year-old Adwaith from Avanakuzhy ward in Kottukal panchayat in the Vizhinjam area of Kerala was struggling with his health as he was significantly overweight for his age and height. If left untreated, this can cause childhood obesity which can further lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Reshmi, a Suposhan Sangini 34-year-old, helped Adwaith get a new lease of life as she helped him successfully improve his health.

Reshmi was among the 10 women selected to be a Sangini – a community health volunteer, having been extensive training by the Adani Foundation on nutrition, fieldwork, malnourishment in children, counselling, organising focus groups and meetings, etc. She was then assigned three Anganwadi areas comprising 625 households.

During one of her field visits right after she joined in the month of June, she identified Adwaith as an overweight child. Son of Suresh, a daily wager, and Suchitra, a homemaker, Adwaith needed dedicated help to be able to live a healthy life.

Reshmi checked his height, weight, and Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC). His weight was 30 kg, height was 103 cm and MUAC was 25, she informed him to be as an overweight child.

She found out that his mother suffered from Thyroid during pregnancy and didn’t breastfeed her child, who was reliant on lacto products available in the market whichresulted in him being overweight.

With this background, she immediately went into crisis management mode and reported back to the office, undertaking the mission to do everything that was necessary to ensure that Adwaith’s weight was brought to a healthy level.

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Being a mother of two kids, Reshmi understood the gravity of the situation and knew that she had to act fast.

“When I detected him being overweight, I began counselling him and his family about nutrition and food needs of children. Since I could not help them medically, I providedspecial care mentally and physically. I informed the parents about nutritious food and told them about the ill effects of junk food. Today, I am happy to say that Adwaithweighs 26 kgs. I have a long way to go but I am committed. I am proud to be doing a job which is so impactful and has a positive effect on children’s lives,” Reshmi said.

Reshmi’s supervisor, Meera Mariyam, has lauded Reshmi’s dedication and commitment to the job, saying “I am very satisfied with her work. She joined the programme recently but her work in such a short time has been exemplary. She is a good listener and compassionate. Her contribution in her field is. She is very proactive and is engaged in all community activities”.

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