Silent Hill 2 Remake: Konami Employs Unreal Engine 5’s Power To Bring A Classic Back From The Dead

Silent Hill 2 Remake: Konami Employs Unreal Engine 5’s Power To Bring A Classic Back From The Dead

Silent Hill 2 is back. The definitive survival horror title that can give Capcom’s Resident Evil games a run for their money, Silent Hill 2 has been remastered using all the muscle power that Unreal Engine 5 has to offer and judging by the recently released teaser trailer, developer Konami is looking to capture the imagination of those who will experience the game for the first time ever, as well as veteran revisitors. Silent Hill 2 will be released on PC and the PlayStation 5. It should be noted that Silent Hill 2 will remain a PS5 exclusive for a year. 

For those who haven’t played Silent Hill 2 before, the story revolves around widower James Sunderland. The game begins when he receives a letter from his dead wife, telling him that she is waiting for him in the mysterious town of Silent Hill. Once James reaches the foggy town, things start to go from awry to sinister as he soon realises that the town holds deep secrets and insidious creatures out to get him. 

The game’s stark atmosphere and attention to realism made the original Silent Hill 2 a memorable event. For starters, there was no HUD. To check James’ health, location, and other details, you needed to go to the pause menu. Within the game, too, you could only read maps that you collect in areas where there is ample light, or with a flashlight. 

The idea was not to directly engage with the horrific enemies, but to run away from them or plan your path around them. After all, James is no Doom guy. And finally, the only way to detect enemies in the foggy streets was by using a radio to detect where the creatures can be. 

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Silent Hill 2’s remake teaser shows how the game stays true to its survival horror roots, enhanced by current-gen graphics and gameplay style that not only makes James’ facial expression appear more real than ever but also makes the fog-encumbered streets of Silent Hill a lot eerier. 

While the Unreal Engine 5’s Lumen feature bounces lights off the environment with a lifelike resemblance, the engine’s Nanite technology makes the sinister world of Silent Hill ever closer to reality. 

Silent Hill 2 on the PS5 will use the console’s 3D audio capabilities to the fullest — an essential element in horror games. The PS5’s SSD will also ensure that players will not see any loading screens as they explore the entirety of the town. 

A release date is yet to be announced by Konami, but the studio will also release two new titles — Silent Hill f and Silent Hill Townfall in the coming months. Also in the pipeline is a movie tie-in, Return to Silent Hill, as well as Silent Hill Ascension, an interactive livestream series.