Shraddha Murder Case: Court Allows Delhi Police To Conduct Aftab’s Polygraph Test Before Narco Analysis

Shraddha Murder Case: Court Allows Delhi Police To Conduct Aftab’s Polygraph Test Before Narco Analysis

Saket Court on Monday accepted the Delhi Police’s application regarding the polygraph test on Aftab Amin Poonawala, who is accused of brutally killing his live-in partner, Shraddha Walkar, six months ago, the sources informed ABP News. 

However, as per the sources, the schedule for the polygraph test is yet to be announced. 

Apart from this, the Delhi Police has so far recovered about 13 bones and part of the jaw of Shraddha Walkar’s amputated body. All these have been sent to CFSL for investigation. Whereas Aftab’s narco, polygraphy tests will be conducted in Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL). 

Earlier, the Delhi court had ordered Aftab Poonawala to take a narcoanalysis test after the police said they discovered inconsistencies in his testimony.

Narco analysis, commonly referred to as truth serum, includes injecting a substance into the patient’s veins, such as sodium pentothal, scopolamine, or sodium amytal, to induce various phases of anaesthesia.

Information that would often not be revealed in the conscious state is more likely to be divulged when the person loses their inhibitions.

Earlier, Punit Puri, who serves as an assistant director at the FSL, stated that the polygraphic exam will only be carried out with a consent. “It will then be followed by medical tests and after these only, the narco will be performed,” he said. 

“Within 10 days, narco will be done,” he added.

While a suspect answers a series of questions, a polygraph, also known as a lie detector test, captures numerous physiological indicators like blood pressure, respiration rate, and pulse.

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The horrifying murder occurred on May 18, and Poonawala is accused of chopping his 26-year-old partner Shraddha Walkar into 35 pieces and dispersing them over the city over a period of months.

The couple reportedly quarrelled over money on the day of the homicide, which happened three days after they moved into the Chhattarpur apartment, according to Delhi Police.