Shraddha Murder Case: Aftab Used Different Numbers To Buy Fridge, Contact Movers & Packers

Shraddha Murder Case: Aftab Used Different Numbers To Buy Fridge, Contact Movers & Packers

New Delhi: In yet another big revelation in the Shraddha murder case, Police have found two bills with different mobile numbers of Aftab Amin Poonawla. Police has earlier suspected Aftab of using more thane one mobile number.

During the probe, Police found that the first bill is of the movers and packers that helped Aftab shift from Vasai to Delhi. The second bill is of Tilak Electronics from where Aftab purchased the refrigerator. Notably, both the bills contain his different mobile numbers.

In addition to this, Aftab has himself confirmed the shop from where he purchased a saw, hammer and around 250-300g nails. He bought these items from a shop named Bansal Steel situated just 100 meters aways from his house. He was brought to this shop nearly 10 days back by four policemen and he accepted buying nails, hammer and blade for saw from this shop. 

A police team has also reached Mumbai to inquire about Aftab at the five-star hotel where he interned as a chef. 

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Earlier, it was confirmed that a polygraph test will be conducted on Aftab Amin Poonawala before the narco test. A Delhi court allowed last week to conduct narco analysis test on Aftab, who killed Shraddha Walkar on May 18 and chopped her body to 35 pieces. As per procedure, a polygraph test is conducted before proceeding for the narco test.  

The court is yet to give permission to conduct a polygraph test on Aftab. All the tests will be done within 10 days after the court allows the test. 

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A Delhi court on Friday ordered the city police to complete Aftab Amin Poonawala’s narco analysis test in connection with the Mehrauli murder within five days and made it clear that they cannot use any third-degree measures against him, news agency PTI reported.  

(With Inputs From Delhi Reporters Manoj Verma And Madiha)