Shani Amavasya 2023: Shanichari Amavasya Puja Date, Muhurat, Vidhi And All That You Need To Know

Shani Amavasya 2023: Shanichari Amavasya Puja Date, Muhurat, Vidhi And All That You Need To Know

New Delhi: Shani Amavasya occurs when Amavasya falls on a Saturday and is significant in the scriptures. On Shani Amavasya, Shani Dev is specially worshipped. Shani Amavasya is a day devoted to Lord Shani Dev, the God of Justice.

Shani Amavasya is an unusual combination that occurs just a few times a year and is considered favourable for all those who are plagued by Saturn’s malevolent influence. This means that for those under the influence of Shani Mahadasha or going through Sade Sati, Shani Amavasya is the most powerful day to worship and placate Lord Shani and win His blessings multiple times over.

Shani Amavasya 2023: Date And Timings

Amavasya Tithi Timing : Jan 21, 6:18 AM – Jan 22, 2:23 AM

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Amavasya Tithi Timing : Oct 13, 9:51 PM – Oct 14, 11:25 PM

Shani Amavasya 2023: Significance

Lord Shani’s blessings provide good fortune, prosperity, and happiness in life. Observing Shani Amavasya vrat, doing Shani puja, and making a donation on Shani Amavasya are thought to bring benefits in the form of prosperity and success in all endeavours. Pitr dosh and Kaal Sarp dosh are also mitigated by Shani Amavasya puja. It is generally preferable to execute Shani Amavasya rites and puja in the nearby Shani Temple rather than at home.

According to astrologers, this is the first occasion in about 20 years that Mauni Amavasya has fallen on a Saturday. Second, Shani Dev will be sitting in his zodiac Aquarius on the day of Mouni Shanichari Amavasya after 30 years.

Shanishchari Amavasya is the name given to Amavasya that falls on a Saturday. It is believed that anyone who maintains a silent fast on this day and makes offerings and donations would be liberated from Pitridosh, Kalsarp Dosh, and Shani Dosh.

Shani Amavasya 2023: What To Donate On Shanishchari Amavasya

On the day of Shani Amavasya, pour some mustard oil into a vessel and then donate it after seeing your face’s shadow. It is regarded that if you do this, all of your problems will be resolved. A person’s physical suffering will also be healed.

Second, one can soak black sesame seeds in water and then donate the black sesame seeds to a Peepal tree. This will assist you in resolving all of the issues that are now causing problems in your life.

Third, anyone who provides mustard oil, urad dal, a blanket, or iron earns Shani’s blessings. That person’s fortune will multiply, and he will also receive blessings from his ancestors.

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