Seat Belt Alarm System For Rear Seats To Be Made Mandatory For Automakers: Nitin Gadkari

Seat Belt Alarm System For Rear Seats To Be Made Mandatory For Automakers: Nitin Gadkari

With the death of Cyrus Mistry, former chairman of Tata Sons, in a car crash turning the focus on compulsory use of seat belts” href=”″ target=””>focus on compulsory use of seat belts, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday said the government would make it mandatory for automakers to introduce a seat belt alarm system for rear seats.

Addressing a media event in Delhi, Nitin Gadkari was quoted by PTI as saying, “Because of the death of Cyrus Mistry in a car accident, we have taken a decision that there will be a seat belt beep system for the rear seats also in vehicles.”

Presently, it is mandatory for all automakers to provide seat belt reminders only for front-seat passengers.

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In another interview with NDTV, Gadkari said those sitting in the back of a car and not wearing a seat belt would be fined soon.

“Already, it’s mandatory to wear seat belt at the rear seat but people are not following it. There will be a siren if the people at the rear seat don’t wear belts like for the front seats. And if they don’t wear belts, there will be a fine,” the Union Road Transport and Highways Minister told NDTV.

Not wearing a seat belt by passengers sitting in the rear seats of cars attracts a fine of Rs 1,000 under Rule 138 (3) of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR). However, most people are either unaware of this mandatory rule or just ignore them.

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Cyrus Mistry (54) and his friend Jahangir Pandole died on Sunday after their Mercedes GLC 220d 4MATIC car hit a road divider in Palghar district of Maharashtra. Mistry was cremated on Tuesday.

Gynaecologist Anahita Pandole (55), who was driving the vehicle, and her husband Darius Pandole (60) were injured in the accident and are undergoing treatment.

Police has said, as per preliminary probe, the deceased were not wearing seat belts. Over speeding and an “error of judgement” by the driver caused the accident.

The Mercedes vehicle is equipped with seven airbags overall. Earlier this year, the government has made it mandatory to install six airbags in vehicles that have a passenger limit of up to eight. 

According to a recent Road Ministry report, the number of people killed and injured for not wearing a seat belt in 2020 stood at 15,146 and 39,102, respectively.