Savarkar Used To Fly Out Of Jail Riding On Birds, Says Kannada Textbook. Minister Had This To Say

Savarkar Used To Fly Out Of Jail Riding On Birds, Says Kannada Textbook. Minister Had This To Say

A new controversy has developed in Karnataka over accusations that the BJP-led government is “rewriting history,” after the textbook revision committee allegedly incorporated a section on Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in the state’s updated high school curriculum, NDTV reported.

According to the class 8 Kannada textbook, Savarkar used to fly out to see his country while imprisoned in the Andaman Prison.

“There was not even a keyhole in the cell where Savarkar was incarcerated. But, Bulbul birds used to visit the room, and Savarkar used to sit on their wings and fly out and visit the motherland every day,” a passage in the new textbook was quoted by NDTV in its report.

In response to this, B.C. Nagesh, Minister, Department of School Education and Literacy, told The Hindu last week: “Savarkar is a great freedom fighter. No matter how glorified he is, it is not adequate for his sacrifice. What the writer has described in that lesson is accurate.”

Savarkar’s position in the Indian liberation fight has been a major ideological flashpoint between the RSS, the BJP’s spiritual tutor, and the opposing Congress.

Savarkar Rath Yatra 

Earlier this week, Karnataka BJP leader B S Yediyurappa launched the ‘Savarkar Rath Yatra’ in Mysuru, with the goal of enlightening people about V D Savarkar and the ideals and values he advocated.

At the time, the former Chief Minister also chastised State Assembly Leader Siddaramaiah, a noted adversary of Savarkar, for his repeated attacks on the Hindutva hero.

Political groups in the southern state are also at odds over recent initiatives to emphasise Savarkar’s life and activities. The inclusion of Veer Savarkar’s portrait and omission of the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s photo from the poster produced by the government of Karnataka earlier this month had also become a flashpoint. The Congress has slammed the “disrespect” shown to India’s first Prime Minister.

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Meanwhile, Tumakuru University in Karnataka is preparing to develop the Veer Savarkar Research Centre, which is sure to spark further debate.

According to reports, the syndicate meeting supported the decision, and preparations are underway to present a proposal to the government in this respect, Times Now reported.