Relief For Indian Medical Students As NMC Gives 'No Objection' To Ukraine's 'Mobility Program'

Relief For Indian Medical Students As NMC Gives 'No Objection' To Ukraine's 'Mobility Program'

In a relief for Indian medical students who returned from Ukraine following the Russian invasion, the National Medical Council (NMC) of India has given its “no-objection” to the academic mobility program being offered by the Ukrainian government for foreign medical students.

Some Ukrainian universities, which are in the worst-hit war zones, have asked foreign students to take up the “mobility” or transfer programs as the next semester in most varsities have begun from September 1.

The Ukrainian universities have tied up with certain institutes in the rest of Europe where they will continue to study as their exchange students. However, they will remain students of the Ukrainian university that they are enrolled in and the degree will be awarded by the parent university.

“It is informed that the mobility program offered by Ukraine has been considered in the Commission in consultation with Ministry of External Affairs, wherein it was intimated that the Academic Mobility Program is a temporary relocation to other universities in different country globally,” the National Medical Council said in a statement.

“The Commission hereby conveys its no-objection for academic mobility program in respect of Indian medical students who are studying in Ukraine provided that other criteria of Screening Test Regulations 2002 are fulfilled,” the statement further said.

The NMC decision comes after the Ukrainian authorities recently asked Indian students to return to campuses and resume their classes or to enrol themselves in universities of another country under a “student exchange” programme. 

Earlier, a report in the Indian Express said the NMC had refused to recognise the ‘mobility program’ being offered by the Ukrainian government, leaving Indian medical students in a lurch. The NMC had also clarified that there was no corresponding option of students being accommodated in Indian medical colleges.

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Thousands of Indian students studying MBBS in Ukraine had to abandon their studies and leave the war-torn country after Russia invaded in February. The Indian government organised special flights to evacuate over 22,000 Indians from Ukraine.

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