Rajeev Sen Clarifies Controversy Around Relationship With Charu Asopa; Says She Loves Him Very Much

Rajeev Sen Clarifies Controversy Around Relationship With Charu Asopa; Says She Loves Him Very Much

New Delhi: TV actor Charu Asopa’s allegations about her husband cheating on her created quite a controversy. Now, Rajeev Sen has addressed all the drama around their relationship through a recent vlog. Rajeev began the video by sharing that he was not doing the video for publicity reasons. He also spoke about their marital troubles for 30 minutes during which he said he would not talk ill of Charu, the mother of his daughter Ziana. 

‘Charu’s intention was to defame me, and she did that well. She wanted sympathy and she got it.” He said in the course of the video, “Charu made a huge mistake by going to the media and talking about our personal matters.”

Rajeev also threw light on his previous relationships and said that none had turned out to be like this. Calling Charu’s act of speaking to the media as ‘childish’, he said no one had earlier spoken ill of him. “In my previous relationships, that happened before I got married, no one has ever spoken ill about me like this.” The YouTuber emphasized, “Charu who doesn’t respect her mother or sister, how will she respect me? I don’t want to say all of this.”

Later, Rajeev added that it was Charu’s love for him that made her so angry with him. “She loves me so much. That’s why she is so angry with me. If there was no love, it would have been cold blooded. She wouldn’t have humiliated me publicly.”

Rajeev further said that “it will be difficult for me to forgive Charu after what she has said and done” and followed it up with, “Charu, darwaza aaj bhi aapke liye khule hain (The doors of this house are still open for you). Come back to your family. This is where you belong, this is where Ziana belongs.”

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Rajeev Sen also threw some light on being misquoted when he mentioned Karan Mehra’s name. “Personally, I don’t know him. I sympathize with him. He is going through what I am going through. We have both been victims,” he said, and added that the interview “twisted his words.” “They twisted my words. I never said that. I never used the word affair,” he said.

For the unaware, Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen got married in 2019. The couple welcomed their daughter in 2021. Their relationship has been on the rocks for some time now considering they had spoken about separating a few months ago but soon patched up. However, in the last few weeks, when Charu moved out of Rajeev’s house, things turned bitter again.