Noida Twin Towers To Be Razed: How Will It Be Demolished? What Precautions Are Being Taken?

Noida Twin Towers To Be Razed: How Will It Be Demolished? What Precautions Are Being Taken?

The final review of preparations for razing Supertech’s illegal twin towers in Noida’s Sector 93A was done on Thursday, setting the stage for their demolition at 2.30 pm on Sunday, August 28. The nearly 100-metre tall twin towers — Apex and Ceyane — will be razed to the ground at 2.30 pm on August 28 following a Supreme Court order.  

Taller than Delhi’s Qutub Minar, it will become India’s tallest structures to be safely demolished by implosion technique. On August 31 last year, the Supreme Court had ordered the demolition of the twin towers for violation of building norms.

The residents of two adjoining societies — Emerald Court and ATS Village — will be evacuated to carry out the twin tower demolition” href=”″ target=””>will be evacuated to carry out the twin tower demolition, whih will be done through implosion by Edifice Engineering.

Chetan Dutta, who is an Indian blaster, will press the final button for the blast, IANS reported.

Where Are The Supertech Twin Towers Located?

The 40-storey towers — Apex and Ceyane — are located in Noida’s Sector 93A in Uttar Pradesh. The towers are near the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. There are over 900 flats in these two towers. The towers are part of Supertech’s Emerald Court project. Both towers together cover an area of around 7.5 lakh square feet.

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How Will Supertech’s Twin Towers Be Demolished?

A total 3,700 kg of explosives are being used to demolish both the towers. The explosives include detonators, emulsions and shock tubes, which have explosion material in gel or powdered form. About 10,000 holes have been drilled in both the towers to place the explosives.

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Officials said the buildings will collapse like a house of cards in a process that would take less than 15 seconds.

“It will take nine to 10 seconds for all the explosives to blast in a series making a loud noise. After the blasts, the structures won’t come down all at once and would take four to five seconds to come down completely,” Edifice Engineering partner Utkarsh Mehta told PTI.

How Much Debris Will Be There After The Blast?

The demolition of the twin towers will produce about 60,000 tonnes of debris, in addition to 4,000 tonnes of rebar and steel, which will be separated, IANS reported. About 30,000 tonnes will be used to fill the basement and around 30,000 tonnes of debris will be disposed off.

The Noida Authority has a C&D Waste Management Plant in Sector 80 with a capacity of 300 metric tonnes per day. The debris will be brought here and disposed off. Cement and tiles will be made from the debris by recycling. About 20 dumpers will carry the debris daily.

To prevent dust from reaching the nearby residential towers post-blast, an iron sheet has been placed between the twin towers.

What Is The Evacuation Plan For Nearby Residents?

As per the evacuation plan, residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village societies will have to vacate homes by 7 am on August 28. The residents of the two societies will also have to vacate their vehicles also from their premises on August 28. 

The residents can return home only after 4 pm following safety clearance by demolition firm Edifice Engineering.

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Around 50 beds have also been reserved for residents in case they fall sick, at the Felix Hospital in Sector 137, reports said.

The Noida-Greater Noida Expressway will remain unavailable for vehicular movement from 2.15 pm to 2.45 pm on August 28. 

In case of damage to the surrounding property, an insurance of Rs 100 crore has been given.

What About The Homebuyers Of The Twin Towers? Will They Get Back Their Money?

In its ruling last year, the Supreme Court had directed authorities to refund the entire amount of home buyers with 12 per cent interest from the time of the booking. It also said the RWA of Emerald Court project must be paid Rs 2 crore for the harassment caused due to the construction of the twin towers, which would have blocked sunlight and fresh air to the existing residents of the housing project, PTI reported.

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