Noida Twin Tower Demolished: 1,200 To 1,300 'Truck-Loads' Of Debris To Take 3 Months To Clear?

Noida Twin Tower Demolished: 1,200 To 1,300 'Truck-Loads' Of Debris To Take 3 Months To Clear?

New Delhi: The residents of Emerald Court and adjoining ATS Village societies in Noida’s Sector 93A on Monday woke up to the rubble lying bare post the explosion of Supertech Twin Towers after a controlled explosion using 3,700 kg explosives reduced the structure to dust the previous day.

The demolition of the twin towers was carried out through the waterfall implosion technique to bring the nearly 100-metre-tall structures down within 12 seconds literally like a house of cards.

Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari on Sunday said that 10 metres boundary wall of a nearby society, ATS was damaged after being hit by the debris, news agency ANI reported.

Notably, the eye-popping event was estimated to leave behind a whopping 55,000 tonnes of debris, some estimates put the figure at 80,000 tonnes.

The debris would take an estimated three months to be cleared and disposed of, as per news agency PTI.

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Besides sanitation workers, mechanical sweeping machines, anti-smog guns, and water sprinklers were placed at the site to clear the dust resulting from the razing.

Plans For Clearing 1,200 To 1,300 “Truck-Loads” Of Debris:

Noida Authority’s General Manager (Planning) Ishtiaq Ahmed told PTI, “The post demolition debris would be managed scientifically as per rules and guidelines. A final decision on it would come from the regional pollution control board which is examining a report from Edifice Engineering on debris management.” 21,000 cubic metres of the debris would be moved out and dumped at an isolated land measuring five to six hectares within the city’s work circle seven limits, PTI reported citing Noida planning authorities. The remaining would get accommodated in the basement areas of the twin towers where a pit has been made.

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As authorities estimated 1,200 to 1,300 “truck-loads” of debris to be moved out from the site, it was not clear whether it would be processed there and if yes, then how and over what duration of time.

Reports mentioned that all the debris is not expected go to waste as it would yield an estimated 4,000 tonnes of iron and steel that Edifice plans to use to recover a part of the demolition cost. The Noida Authority has a construction and demolition waste management plant in Sector 80, with a capacity of 300-tonnes per day.

Cloud Of Dust & Pollution Levels

The explosion expectedly led to a huge cloud of dust for which the Environment Department of the Uttar Pradesh government installed six Special dust machines at the demolition site to monitor pollution levels, as per ANI.

Anti-smog guns also sprayed water droplets in the air to bring down dust installed in an area nearby the demolition site.

Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari said that the pre and post-demolition AQI data of the area was almost the same.

Around 100 families were evacuated from residential buildings near now-demolished Supertech twin towers in Noida. They were able to return to their homes Sunday night.  

Over 5,000 people from Emerald Court and ATS Village societies were evacuated before the demolition of the twin towers.  

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Apex (32 storeys) and Ceyane (29 storeys) were down to dust in 12 seconds in the carefully choreographed and meticulously executed demolition, the biggest such exercise in the country so far.

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The local residents were relieved to see their houses as safe. “We returned at 9 pm and there is no damage to our houses. There is just a foul smell in the basement of our buildings most likely of the explosives.  They have been informed that the gas supply will be restored by tomorrow. Rest is alright. There is no damage at all,” Aarti Koppula, Bluestone resident and RWA member told PTI.

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