Noida: RWA Proposes Grand Temple, Park At Site Of Demolished Supertech Twin Towers

Noida: RWA Proposes Grand Temple, Park At Site Of Demolished Supertech Twin Towers

New Delhi: The Residents Welfare Association (RWA) in a meeting proposed the construction of a grand temple with idols of Ram Lalla and Lord Shiva along with other Gods at the site of the Supertech Twin Towers that were demolished in Noida Sector 93-A on Sunday, news agency PTI reported.

According to the report, a big park was also proposed to be built for the children to play, in which special attention will be given to greenery, people familiar with the matter said.

Notably, the RWA had called for the meeting days after the Twin Towers were razed to the ground, and all the residents of the society agreed that a grand temple be built there apart from the park.

A green park and a grand temple have been proposed in advance by the society and efforts are also being made so that the park has maximum greenery and the children can play and the elderly get a proper place to sit and walk.

As per latest reports, Emerald Tower of Supertech has not yet been handed over to the society and the ownership is still is with the builder.

However, if the builder does any kind of construction there, they will have to take the consent of two-thirds of the society.

Notably, the people from the RWA said that the society residents are completely with the association and they will be ready if any legal battle has to be fought on this again.

The 40-storey towers — Apex and Ceyane – were successfully razed on Sunday.

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A total 3,700 kg of explosives were used to demolish both the towers. The explosives included detonators, emulsions and shock tubes, which had explosion material in gel or powdered form. About 10,000 holes had been drilled in both the towers to place the explosives.