No Need To Starve Anymore – Reach Your Fitness Goals With Intuitive Eating

No Need To Starve Anymore – Reach Your Fitness Goals With Intuitive Eating

New Delhi: “Intuitive eating” is another name for a non-dieting strategy for altering eating patterns. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, intuitive eating involves not criticising yourself or being influenced by diet culture but rather trusting your body to choose foods that feel good for you.

A simple concept is intuitive eating. It implies that you are in harmony with all food. Contrary to conventional diets, which limit or forbid particular foods, intuitive eating calls on you to cease viewing food as either “good” or “bad.” Instead, pay attention to your body’s cues and eat what it feels like, says a certified Nutritionist and Fitness Coach, Juily Wagle. 

How Intuitive Eating Is Different From Any Other Conventional Diet & Mindful Eating Concept? 

The Certified Nutritionist and Fitness Coach, Juily Wagle says that “it’s the exact opposite of dieting! Instead of following rules and restricting what you eat, you trust your internal hunger, fullness, and satiety cues to help you decide what and how much to eat. No food is off-limits.”

While intuitive eating is a bigger paradigm that extends beyond the eating experience and encourages people to actively reject external diet messaging and transform their connection with food and their bodies, mindful eating is about being present in the eating experience in a nonjudgmental way.

Positive food relationships are promoted by intuitive eating. It places a strong emphasis on recognising and honouring hunger while advancing body positivity. Intuitive eating focuses an emphasis on honouring hunger by consuming foods that are healthy for the body and the mind, in contrast to diets that label meals as “good” or “bad.”

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How Intuitive Eating Can Be Beneficial? 

The nutritionist states that, by employing an intuitive eating framework, one may tune out the harmful jargon and regulations of the diet culture and pay attention to one’s own internal cues, such as hunger, fullness, cravings, etc. The goal is to rebuild one’s connection with food and set oneself free from the emotional consequences of bingeing and purging cycles. While distancing itself from concepts like calories, macros, and points, intuitive eating promotes a more compassionate approach to nutrition.

The idea of intuitive eating is focused on how important it is for one to relearn to trust his/her body in order to eat intuitively. One must distinguish between bodily and emotional hunger in order to do it. Intuitive eating is a peace movement towards ending the war with our bodies, learning to accept the diversity of bodies, and that there is no one “perfect” way to eat that allows everyone to live in a body that fits the thin ideal.

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