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‘Freedom for political prisoners,’ Catalan separatists chant on election eve

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BARCELONA (News Team) – Waving separatist flags and chanting “freedom for political prisoners” hundreds of supporters of Catalan independence gathered in Barcelona for concerts and rallies on Saturday, a day before Spain heads to the polls for an everyday election.

Catalan separatists protesters receive on the eve of the same outdated elections, at University square in Barcelona, Spain, November 9, 2019. News Team/Enrique Calvo

Organised by secretive Catalan suppose community Democratic Tsunami, the protests fair to pressure Spaniards to mediate on the penal advanced sentences handed out closing month to 9 separatist leaders who spearheaded a failed independence relate in 2017, organizers said.

The election campaign has been dominated by the Catalonia separatist advise after weeks of assuredly violent protests that followed the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Catalan leaders.

Attending the rally, Jovita Mezquita, 69, praised Democratic Tsunami’s initiatives, alongside side its first suppose, which disrupted Barcelona’s airport in mid-October.

“We need to be imaginative,” she said. “We now have got to develop things which have impact on the planet,” she added, arguing that separatists had been no longer taken into chronicle within the remainder of Spain.

But away from the protests, some Barcelona residents had been sceptical that things would possibly perhaps per chance perhaps commerce for the predicament, where separatism is a highly divisive advise.

“I look (it as) very advanced for the problem in Catalonia to be resolved, because on the national level, that is to dispute on the Spanish level, I develop no longer look that there is a gargantuan desire to develop it,” said Maria Rodriguez, a 33-twelve months venerable actress.

Democratic Tsunami, which advocates non-violent actions, called on supporters to lend a hand festive occasions all the arrangement in which via the predicament on Saturday afternoon.

Security became once elevated in some areas of Barcelona earlier than the election, with authorities sources asserting they had been alarmed referring to the be troubled some of Saturday’s rallies would possibly perhaps per chance perhaps flip violent.

The campaign for Catalan independence has been largely aloof for years, but some protests became violent closing month, with a minority of largely formative years torching vehicles and launching petrol bombs at police.

Madrid despatched round 2,500 extra national police officers – alongside side anti-insurrection objects – to the predicament to toughen Catalonia’s regional police pressure, a national police spokesman in Barcelona told News Team.

The aim is to “guarantee that all americans can stammer their factual to vote,” the spokesman said.

A Catalan police spokeswoman declined to advise on the pressure’s security plans.

Carme Martin, 68, who attended Saturday’s suppose said she would possibly perhaps per chance perhaps perceive one of the most important formative years’s frustration after some of closing month’s riots in Barcelona.

“I don’t love violence but (I perceive) if it is defensive,” she said.

Reporting by Joan Faus and News Team TV in Barcelona; Writing by Nathan Allen and Joan Faus; Bettering by Ingrid Melander and Frances Kerry

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