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Bangladeshis hunker down in storm shelters as cyclone Bulbul nears

Bangladeshis hunker down in storm shelters as cyclone Bulbul nears thumbnail
DHAKA (News Team) – Thousands of Bangladeshis, mostly ladies and early life, huddled in shelters in southwestern coastal areas on Saturday because the nation inviting for the expected arrival of cyclone Bulbul, a senior executive official said.

Loads of coastal districts were expected to register wind speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour (74.5 miles per hour) and heavy or very heavy rainfall, the Bangladesh Meteorological Department said in its most up-to-date forecast.

It said low-lying areas and islands were likely to gaze storm surges between 5 and seven toes (1.5-2.1 meters) elevated than usual maximum tide levels.

Extra than 3,000 shelters in 13 coastal districts had been opened and private sufficient room for some 1.8 million people, said Enamur Rahman, junior minister for effort administration and relief.

“We private taken all precautionary measures to contend with the difficulty and to preserve property and human losses at minimum levels,” he told News Team on Saturday.

The cyclone season within the Bay of Bengal can closing from April to December. In 1999, a expansive-cyclone battered the wing of India’s Odisha protest for 30 hours, killing 10,000 people.

Since then, technological advances private helped climate forecasters be aware the cyclones extra precisely, giving authorities extra time to put together, and a mass evacuation of virtually a million people saved hundreds of lives in 2013.

In neighboring India, the jap states of West Bengal and Odisha private received heavy rainfall since early Saturday and both the states’ coasts also can safe very heavy rainfall throughout the next 24 hours, the India Meteorological Department said.

In Odisha, loads of of bushes were uprooted as a result of high winds and hundreds of people residing in low-lying areas had been evacuated to shelters, the protest executive said on Twitter.

Nationwide Catastrophe Response Power teams had been moved to Odisha and West Bengal to encourage local authorities, a executive official said.

Extra reporting by Rajendra Jadhav in Mumbai; Bettering by Alexandra Ulmer and Helen Popper

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