KWK 7: Katrina Reveals Vicky Kaushal Surprised On Her Birthday With A 45 Min Concert On Her Songs

KWK 7: Katrina Reveals Vicky Kaushal Surprised On Her Birthday With A 45 Min Concert On Her Songs

New Delhi: The tenth episode of Koffee with Karan season 7 was released last night, and it is crammed with fun, entertainment and vibe. In this latest episode, Katrina Kaif, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Ishaan Khatter, three of the actors from the forthcoming film ‘Phone Bhoot’, stopped by the Koffee couch and brought a lot of excitement with them.

On the show, host Karan Johar asked Katrina Kaif, how she and Vicky Kaushal originally met. Katrina clarified that despite the widespread speculation. There were too many coincidences, in her opinion, for it not to have been predestined. 

She also revealed that the first person she told about her emotions for Vicky Kaushal was director Zoya Akhtar when they all met up for dinner. 

Katrina also revealed the sweetest gesture her spouse, Vicky, had ever made for her. She said, “On my birthday, I was just recovering from being very unwell. I had a very tough time with Covid. He could sense that I was not having a good time and somehow, he just turned the switch. He did a 45-minute concert of every single song of mine and danced entire songs. And everyone sat down, and stopped dancing. Everyone was like, ‘How does he know every step?’ The steps weren’t perfect but he just got the vibe, and danced it through. But the reason behind it was to make me laugh.” 

Talking about young star Ishaan Khatter, Karan asked whether he still kept in touch with rumoured ex-girlfriend Ananya Panday. Ishaan answered, “I would hope to have her as a friend for the rest of my life. She is one of the most wonderful people I have known. She is a sweetheart, she really is. Anyone who has met her will say this. She genuinely is a sweetheart and all pulpy questions aside, she is someone that’s very dear to me and will always remain so.”

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Ishaan also said he missed everything about his ex during the rapid fire round. He disclosed the worst thing he’s ever done as a boyfriend was refusing to take calls for two weeks. 

Ishaan and Siddhart’s team won the game and received Donkey Kong as their reward, while Katrina received a sweet consolation gift.