Keeping Health A Priority Can Be Prescription For Prosperity For Silver Age Adults

Keeping Health A Priority Can Be Prescription For Prosperity For Silver Age Adults

“If you have health on your side, then you have all the wealth you need” is a famous adage. The World Health Organisation (WHO) says people are living longer lives all across the world. Most people nowadays may expect to live into their sixties or beyond. Every country in the globe is seeing an increase in the number and proportion of older people in its population. 

According to the United Nations (UN) demographic forecast, by 2050, the number of people aged 80 and more will triple, and about a quarter of the population would be over 60. (in all regions of the world except Africa). This “silver tsunami” is, first and foremost, the product of development: improvement in cleanliness, health, technology, or, in a nutshell, advancement in science.

However, there is a disadvantage to this rise in longevity: the danger of disturbing individual lives – those of elderly citizens, their families, carers, and so on – and this reflects at the collective level through the economic, social, and budgetary impact on health systems. Because increasing the number of years spent in excellent health is not synonymous with an increased lifespan.

What are the health risks connected with living longer? How can we promote healthy aging while living with chronic diseases?

At the biological level, aging is caused by the accumulation of a wide range of molecular and cellular damage over time. This results in a steady decline in physical and mental function, an increased risk of disease, and, eventually, death. These changes are not linear nor constant, and they are only tangentially related to a person’s chronological age. The diversity exhibited in old age is not coincidental, according to WHO. 

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“This is truer now than ever. Research amongst mature adults throws up the fact that physical health is the most important as they age. To be physically fit, be mobile without any issues, a strong immunity system & a great gut & eye health are things that mature adults covet,” says Nagessh Pannaswami, the CEO and Founder, SilverEdge. 

A longer life provides chances not just for elderly people and their families, but also for society as a whole. Additional years allow you to pursue new activities such as further education, a new job, or a long-neglected love. Elderly persons also make numerous contributions to their families and communities. However, the amount of these possibilities and contributions are strongly dependent on one factor: health.

“All zeroes are significant, but the big 50 is a watershed moment. It causes people’s perceptions of life to shift and their attitudes to shift. It sinks in that there is a pre-50 and a post-50 vibe. Mature individuals on the edge of 50 or on the other side of 50 make life-changing decisions. Most people give up junk food and cigarettes, avoid abusing their bodies, and make dietary modifications in order to keep their health,” he added further. 

“Covid has heightened the urge for preventive rather than curative health treatments. The majority of older individuals are now taking nutraceuticals on a regular basis. Biotin, Curcumin pills, and Arginine, which were previously unknown, are now part of the general consumer lexicon,” Pannaswami stated. 

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Aside from biological changes, aging is frequently connected with other life transitions such as retirement, moving to more suitable housing, and the loss of friends and companions.

“Aging does not mean retiring from a job or life. It now has a different connotation. Today, it’s all about satisfying one’s ambitions, taking on passion projects, traveling widely and performing global tours, and prolonging one’s working life through consulting,” the CEO of SilverEdge stated. 

The WHO says that evidence shows that the share of life spent in good health has stayed about constant, meaning that the extra years are spent in bad health. If people can enjoy these additional years of life in good health and in a supportive environment, their capacity to do the things they value will be similar to that of a younger person. If these extra years are characterised by impairments in physical and mental function, the consequences for older people and society are far-reaching.

“Increasing one’s health is becoming a concern for the elderly. Unfortunately, no age-specific treatments are currently accessible to them. It is critical that the Indian healthcare system begins to consider senior people as a potential audience in order to develop distinctive solutions that are well suited to their demands. This is a high-potential audience who has all the money in the world and is prepared to spend it all on a custom-made solution for them,” Nagessh Pannaswami concluded. 

Physical and social surroundings that are supportive also allow people to do what is important to them despite capacity reductions. Supportive surroundings include the provision of safe and accessible public buildings and transportation, as well as sites that are simple to stroll about.

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When establishing a public-health response to aging, it is critical to include not just human and environmental methods that mitigate the losses associated with aging, but also those that may encourage recovery, adaptability, and psychosocial growth.

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