Kartik Aaryan Dreams Of Buying A Private Jet, Asks, 'Shall I Stop Dreaming?'

Kartik Aaryan Dreams Of Buying A Private Jet, Asks, 'Shall I Stop Dreaming?'

New Delhi: As a relative newcomer to Bollywood, Kartik Aaryan has weathered the industry’s ups and downs and managed to keep his career afloat through thick and thin. The Bhool Bhulaiya 2 star, still basking in the acclaim of the Aneez Bazmee-directed film’s success. He recently gave an interview in which he addressed whether or not his audience’s capacity to relate to him had altered.

Film Companion recently interviewed Kartik, who was asked how he maintains a degree of accessibility with his fans while being one of the wealthiest actors in the profession.

In response to a question about how he plans to maintain his roots while pursuing his goals, Kartik said, “I still travel in economy… I have dreams, I had a dream car and wanted a Lamborghini and I got it also. I wanted to become an actor and that got fulfilled. And the dreams are getting bigger.”

Anupama Chopra, the show’s host, questioned, “Now you want a private jet?” He elaborated that he, too, would want to be more prosperous and own a private jet. Kartik responds with a remark, ” Abhi sapne dekhna thodi chhod dunga (Shall I stop dreaming now?)”

The actor continued by saying he does not have to prove his Gwalior heritage or his relatability to his fans. Despite the fact that he now has a much fancier automobile and a private plane, Kartik claims that his conversational style has not changed.

Work-wise, Kartik Aaryan has ‘Shehzada’, in which he stars opposite Kriti Sanon, an unnamed project with director Kabir Khan, and Captain India, directed by Hansal Mehta. In addition to that, he will also be part of ‘Freddy’, which is going to be made available on a streaming platform, and he will shortly start shooting ‘Satyanarayan Ki Katha’ starring Kiara Advani.

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