Juhi Chawla Starrer ‘Hush Hush’ Loosely Captures Story Of Lobbyists Who Ruled Delhi

Juhi Chawla Starrer ‘Hush Hush’ Loosely Captures Story Of Lobbyists Who Ruled Delhi

New Delhi: As soon as the trailer of Prime Video’s upcoming crime drama ‘Hush Hush’ came out, it spoke layers about the world of many women. While the story is well studded with a bunch of women talents, the series also marks a big digital debut of Juhi Chawala who will be seen playing a protagonist, Ishi Sangamitra, a powerful and dynamic lobbyist in Delhi. Although the story does have its relevance in real life as there have been many strong women lobbyists in Delhi who have ruled the city.

While ‘Hush Hush’ is a story of several strong women power brokers of Delhi, it has got some real touch if we dig down into the past of the city. The city has had several strong women lobbyists in the past that have shaped Indian politics and India as a whole. These women have played a significant role as movers and shakers of Indian politics whose effect is quite visible in today’s India. 

To name some, Rukhsana Sultana was a close confidant of Sanjay Gandhi. She was a controversial figure who was associated with Sanjay Gandhi during the state of Emergency in India between 1975 and 1977. During this period she became known for leading Sanjay Gandhi’s sterilization campaign. Rukhsana was closely followed by another women lobbyist Jaya Jaitly who became active post-1984 Sikh riots and was a key figure in the formation of the Janta Dal. She was a close confidante of Gorge Fernandes and helped him resurrect in politics during his tenure as defense minister under Atal Bihari Vajpai’s leadership. 

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While going further into the roots of women power brokers of Delhi, another prominent name that can be mentioned is Niira Radia who was a very powerful lobbyist during the 2009 congress rule in India. She has been attributed to being a key figure in the 2G scam. So, it can be said that there have always been some women power brokers who have set their rule in the era. While Hush Hush is about bringing a story of a parallel world, it would be interesting to see what aspect of this world will be unveiled in front of the audience.

‘Hush Hush’ will be available on Prime Video this weekend.