'It's A Shame That Indian Guys…”: Alex Hales On Rahul Dravid's 'Overseas Leagues' Remark

'It's A Shame That Indian Guys…”: Alex Hales On Rahul Dravid's 'Overseas Leagues' Remark

New Delhi: The English side crushed the Indian team by 10 wickets in the semi-final clash and sealed the final spot. Post the defeat, the Men in Blue have been facing a lot of criticism for their poor outing in the semi-final clash against England.

The Indian head coach also reflected after India lost the match and said, “I mean, sure, there’s no doubt about it, the fact that England… a lot of their players have come here and played in this tournament and it certainly showed. It’s tough. I think it’s very difficult for Indian cricket because a lot of these tournaments happen right at the peak of our season. I think it’s a huge challenge for us. Yes, I think a lot of our boys maybe do miss out on the opportunities of playing in a lot of these leagues, but if you were to… it’s really up to the BCCI to make that decision, but the thing is it’s right in the middle of our season, and with the kind of demand there would be for Indian players”.

“If you allowed all the Indian players to play in these leagues, we would not have domestic cricket. Our domestic cricket, our Ranji Trophy, would be finished, and that would mean Test cricket would be finished,” he added.

Alex Hales who starred with the bat against India as he scored an unbeaten knock of 86 runs came with a reply to Dravid’s comments. He said, “It’s a shame that Indian guys don’t get a chance to play in different leagues. It would be good for everyone, benefit them and benefit the leagues to have the best players in the world playing. [Adelaide] is a ground where I’ve played a lot of cricket in the past and enjoyed some success. To have that sort of mindset before you head out there on a big occasion probably settles the nerves a bit and gives you confidence that you can put on a performance like that”.

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“Anytime you get the chance to play in foreign conditions makes you a better cricketer and makes you understand those conditions. Hopefully going forward, they get a chance to play in different leagues. It’s definitely helped me, for sure,” Hales stated while talking to Sydney Morning Herald.