Inside Mouni Roy's Beautiful Home With Intricate Interiors- Watch

Inside Mouni Roy's Beautiful Home With Intricate Interiors- Watch

New Delhi: Actor Mouni Roy has been featured in an episode of the video series created by Asian Paints. Mouni, who lives in Mumbai with her husband Suraj Nambiar, greets viewers in her enormous living room, with gorgeous decors.

Visiting her living room is indeed a treat to the eyes. The spacious place has a huge TV, with a cream-coloured sectional sofa across it, and a lamp with a fabric shade. All the things look beautiful together and the colour combination just blends in. White and cream which are the dominating colours, look great together. A round dining table with four blue velvet chairs is located behind the sofa and a chandelier in the Sputnik style hovers over it.

Moving on, the balcony is a spacious, beautiful, and energetic area with multiple seating options. The place has the ideal combination of in-bloom flowers and tropical green trees nearby, and the décor motif is decidedly laid-back.

She also has a kitchen island and two golden metal chairs on either side of it. All of her appliances, including the stove, fridge, washer, and dishwasher, have chrome finishes. The chrome colour scheme of the dining table and high stools in Mouni’s kitchen complements the calming atmosphere she has created there. A glass dining table outside is also available for sultry candlelight dinners. A number of exquisite dining chairs with tufted upholstery are also there with the table. Also, the walls of her home are adorned with beautiful paintings.

Apart from all that, the floor-to-ceiling windows at her home offer a stunning view of the city of dreams-Mumbai. Mouni also has an area that is completely blue in colour, with wooden racks to store all of her memories along with picture frames from her wedding and some books.

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Talking about the home, Mouni said, “Home has never been a place, it has always been my people, my family. Now that I am all grown up, I realise it is very important to have a materialist sense of belonging, a space that you can come back to. Home is wherever I need to be and I need to set up that place with as much love with a feeling that it’s my home, it’s my space.”, as reported by Hindustan Times.

Mouni Roy is a native of the Cooch Behar region of West Bengal. She hails from a family of artists, including her grandfather Shekhar Chandra Roy, a former theatre and Jatra performer, and her mother Mukti, a well-known theatre artist. She visits many different countries throughout the world whenever she gets a break from her shoots. She also likes to read quietly at home as well as stay active by doing yoga.