Innova HyCross Vs Innova Crysta: Should You Wait For The New Model?

Innova HyCross Vs Innova Crysta: Should You Wait For The New Model?

Toyota will reveal the new Innova HyCross in India during the festive season and sales will start shortly after that. This is an all new Innova being based on a new platform and not sharing anything with the current Crysta. However, the current Innova will still be sold with diesel too. Hence, the new Innova HyCross would be much bigger and much more luxurious. Unlike the Innova Crysta, it will not have a diesel but a hybrid 2.0l petrol and an electric motor. There would also be a standard 2.0l petrol. The standard petrol will also be more efficient than the current Innova’s 2.7l unit but the hybrid version will have high fuel economy which would be made to appeal to private buyers who would look at the Innova diesel due to petrol vs diesel costs.

The hybrid Innova HyCross would aim to lower running costs to make it cheaper to run than diesel with a dedicated EV-only mode.

Compared to the current Innova Crysta, the new generation Innova HyCross would also be bigger and have a longer wheelbase. The longer wheelbase would also be due to the platform which would be a front-wheel-drive platform instead of the current Innova platform. That would mean more space, packaging and fuel efficiency too.

The new interior would also mean more features over the current version with a sunroof, bigger touchscreen, digital instrument cluster, premium audio system, ventilated seats and more. The second-row seats would also have more comfort features.

The new Innova HyCross hybrid would easily be a lot more premium and more expensive over the current Innova while being more of a Kia Carens rival. The cheaper Innova Crysta will appeal to those who want a diesel engine but the new Innova HyCross with the hybrid, extra features and more premium packaging will make the Innova also a lot more popular since it would attract premium SUV buyers as well.

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