India vs Wales Score HIGHLIGHTS: India Win 4-2 Against Stubborn Wales

India vs Wales Score HIGHLIGHTS: India Win 4-2 Against Stubborn Wales


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Akashdeep netted a brace after Shamsher Singh put India in the lead with the first goal of the match. Harmanpreet Singh score a late goal but it wasn’t enough for a direct knockout qualification.

India vs Wales Score HIGHLIGHTS: India Win 4-2 Against Stubborn Wales

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That brings us to the end of our coverage for this game. We will be back for the India-New Zealand match on Sunday (January 22, 2023). Until then, keep following ABP Live For the latest news from India and around the world. Good night!

That’s that!

India win 4-2 but that’s nowhere what they needed to ensure a direct qualification into the quarterfinals. India will now meet the team that finishes third in Pool C on Sunday at the same venue.


The only positive with that goal for India was captain Harmanpreet Singh finally being able to get his name on the scoresheet with less than a minute to go. India 4-2 Wales.

New Zealand likely to meet India in the crossover

If indeed India finish second, they are likely to meet New Zealand in the crossover who are currently third in Pool C.

India lose their review

India asked for a foot hit when in reality the ball was not even near a Welsh player’s foot. Desperation more than anything else.

India’s Second Place in Pool D more or less confirmed

India’s Second Place in Pool D more or less seems confirmed. With around 6 minutes remaining and them leading by just 1 goal, it is unlikely that they will extend their lead to an 8-goal margin.

Missed chances for India

Two great chances there missed. Wonder if they can afford to miss these having themselves too much to do in the final quarter. First Sukhkjeet then Mandeep. Scoreline remains India 3-2 Wales.


India 3-2 Wales. Akashdeep Singh it is with his second strike of the day. Great co-ordination with Sukhjeet this time which set this goal up. Clinical finish from Akashdeep. India back in the lead but just. They needed a win by a 8-goal margin at the ouset to top Pool D.

That’s The End Of the Third Quarter

Surely not the way India would have liked it to end. But that’s that. 2-2. Wales have taken their chances, India have missed quite a few. They now need to reach the 10-goal mark all in one quarter to top Pool D.


India 2-2 Wales. 2 goals in no time for Wales. They have levelled the scores. Jacob Draper scores on the rebound in yet another penalty corner. This is surely against the run of play.

India now need to score 9 goals

India now need to score 9 goals to top Pool D having conceded one from Wales. A minute and a quater remaining in the match.


Bit of a Anti-climax really. Wales Score. India 2-1 Wales.  Gareth Furlong nails their penalty corner. They don’t need any so many chances. They have pulled one back here. Sreejesh tries but gets nowhere near.

Wales lose their referral

Wales lose their referral after they review referee’s penalty corner. But India miss another chance. However, they have earned yet another penalty corner and this time Wales can’t review.

Green card for Rhodri Furlong

Green card for Rhodri Furlong. Another advantage to India as the Wales will be one man down for the next two minutes.

Great Defensive Play From Wales

Wales have played a superb defensive game throughout this tournament. It’s no different against India tonight. Yet another great tackle from Draper to end Manpreet’s dangerous looking move.

Another Penalty Corner For India

Another penalty corner for the Men in Blue. They try a different kicker this time with Varun Kumar taking it but it’s the same old result. No damage done. Scoreline remains unchanged after a weak flick.

Harmanpreet Singh misses

India got a penalty corner pretty close to their second goal. But Harmanpreet Singh has missed again. Will these missed chances comeback to hant India?


India 2-0 Wales. Brilliant one-two from Mandeep and Akashdeep and in the end it is the latter who produces a clincial finish to double India’s lead. Still 6 goals to go though for a direct qualification into the quarters.

Wales Earn Their First Penalty Corner

Not the kind of start India were looking at for the third quarter. Harmanpreet Singh there adjudged to have deliberately played the ball behind the byline. Great chance for Wales.

Second Half Commences

Off we go again at the sound of the whistle. India second in Pool D at the moment.


Despite India leading 1-0, the Men in Blue won’t be too pleased with that scoreline. India need a win by a margin of 8 goals to top Pool D but they are only 1-0 up at HALF TIME!

India 1-0 Wales At Half time

Mandeep tries to flick it across from almost a zero angle but Reynolds-Cotterill produces a save. Surender then tries to score from an acute angle but its off target. That was the last opportunity in the first half.

Jones with a great tackle

Jones with a great tackle there for the World Cup debutants. Manpreet and Lalit Updhyay passed it to each other probably for a bit too long which allowed Jones to tackle that. James Carson with a shot wide of target on counter.


India 1-0 Wales. Shamsher Singh has broken the deadlock here and scored on the rebound after Harmanpreet Singh missed yet another drag flick on the penalty corner.  All’s well that ends well though. India lead 1-0. Still a long way to go in the match.

Reynolds-Cotterrill cleverly leaves the ball

Vivek Sagar Prasad with a powerful stroke from the centre line but the Wales keeper is alert and leavsit as it came from outside the circle. Still no goal in the match.

Wales not bogged down by India

Wales haven’t been bogged down by India’s reputation. They are looking good here despite the home team being the overwhelming favourites at the start of the match.

Penalty Corner for India

There’s the first penalty corner for India. Abhishek who wins for the hosts after a bit of a tangle with Daniel Kyriakides. But Harmanpreet misses AGAIN!

Second quarter underway

The second quarter is underway now. India on the attack straightaway.

First Quarter Ends

Good start for India but they are yet to score. It’s 0-0 after first quarter.

James Carson with a crazy move for Wales but unsuccessful

James Carson there with a superb run into India’s end before a cross into India’s circle but Rupert Shipperley cannot reach it. In response, Akashdeep and Mandeep try to score but can’t get it beyond Toby Reynolds-Cotterill.

Mandeep tries to win Penalty Corner For India but Fails

Mandeep there tried to win a penalty corner for India as he wanted to hit the ball Will Ioan’s legs. Adjudged too high. Free hit to Wales. India opt against taking the review.

Missed Opportunity!

Great breaching of the circle there from Nilakanta who has a reverse hit from the top of the circle, tough angle and thus easily saved. Opportunity missed.

India pressing but Wales steady

India are pressing high in the first quarter as one would expect from a top team. However, Wales haven’t given them an easy chance as yet.

Wales win first long corner

That’s ten minutes to go in this opening quarter. Wales have managed to win their first long corner after finally a little period where they have managed to keep the ball in their possesion.

Free hit for Wales

Akashdeep there involved in a bit of bundling. Referee gives a Free hit for Wales. They, however, fail to keep the possession of the ball for long.

India on the attack

India are on the attack as one would expect in this high-stakes match. Great tackle from Manpreet there which helped them the get the ball back in their possession. It goes to Akashdeep before its played with a reverse stick but it’s saved.

India hitting from right to left

India are hitting from right to left in their traditional blue jersey. Wales, in black, for this match.

Off we go!

There’s the whistle and off we go. India’s Final Pool D encounter gets underway!

Anthems Coming Up!

We are minutes away from the start of the match. The teams are out in the middle. Time For The National Anthems. Welsh anthem followed by the national anthem of the hosts. Electrifying atmoshphere at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneshwar.

What happens if India finish second in Pool D?

If India finish second in Pool D they will not be eliminated but will have to play a crossove with the team that finishes third in Pool C which is New Zealand.

Starting XIs Are Out!

India: Surender Kumar, Manpreet Singh, Mandeep Singh, Harmanpreet Singh, Sreejesh, Shamsher Singh, Varun Kumar, Akashdeep Singh, Amit Rohidas, Vivek Sagar Prasad, Sukhjeet SinghSpain: Daniel Kyriakides, loan Wall, Jacob Draper, Lewis Prosser, Rupert Shipperley, James Carson, Stephen Kelly, Rhys Bradshow, Gareth Furlong, Luke Hawker, Toby Reynolds-Cotteril

India’s Qualification Sceanrios

For Team India to top Pool D and enter directly into the knockouts, they have to either beat Wales by eight goals or win with seven goals but at least six field goals or win by seven goals but five field goals and then beat England in a shootout.

Bad News For India As England Score Their Fourth Goal

Liam Ansell extends England’s lead with another field goal, their third such goal of the match. India Now need to beat Wales by a huge margin of 8 goals for a direct entry into the knockout stage.

England Score Their Third Goal

England have just scored their 3rd goal meaing India would now have to beat Wales by a margin of 7 goals to top the pool. Nicholas Bandura nets this goal for the Three Lions in the final quarter of the match.

Harmanpreet Singh Key For India

The key for India would be the form of Harmanpreet Singh. The world class drag flicker just hasn’t been at this best so far in the touranment but with a crucial game coming up, the team would want its captain to step up.

England Lead Spain 2-0

In the other Pool D match of the day, England are leading Spain by 2-0. If that remains the final scoreline, then India would have to beat Wales by a margin of 6 goals to top the Pool and enter directly into the quarterfinals.

Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to our Live Coverage of India’s Final Pool D encounter against Wales. The action is scheduled to commence at 07:00 pm (IST).


India will take on Wales in a crucial Pool D game in Bhubaneshwar on Friday. While they started off win a win against Spain in their first group-stage fixture, their goalless draw against England now has made a direct qualification into the next round a bit trickier in the sense that they would now have to worry about the goal difference to top the group if England beat Spain.

Notably, only the team that tops the pool qualify for the next round with those finishing second and third set to face those that finish third and second respectively in Pool C.

On paper though, India start as the favourites against Wales in this match. Not only are the Men in Blue the higher ranked team, they  will also play at home amid a packed stadium. India’s first two matches were in Rourkela meaning this will be their first match in Odisha and the first time Wales will witness the maddening home support for Team India. 

India’s only concern would be the injury of Hardik Singh and it would be interesting to see how that pans out moving forward in the tournament.

As far as Wales are concerned, they were outplayed in each of their first two matches but they did put on a strong defence which means India’s poor record in penalty conversion would once again be put to good test.


IndiaPR Sreejesh (goalkeeper), Krishna Pathak (goalkeeper), Jarmanpreet Singh, Surender Kumar, Harmanpreet Singh (Captain), Varun Kumar, Amit Rohidas (Vice Captain), Nilam Sanjeep Xess, Manpreet Singh, Hardik Singh, Nilakanta Sharma, Shamsher Singh, Vivek Sagar Prasad, Akashdeep Singh, Mandeep Singh, Lalit Kumar Upadhyay, Abhishek, Sukhjeet Singh

Head Coach: Graham Reid

WalesToby Reynolds-Cotterill (goalkeeper), Rhys Payne(goalkeeper), Gareth Furlong, Daniel Kyriakides, Hywel Jones, Ioan Wall, Steve Kelly, Lewis Prosser (captain), Dale Hutchinson, Jacob Draper, Gareth Griffiths, Rhys Bradshaw, Rupert Shipperley (captain), Fred Newbold, Ben Francis, Luke Hawker (captain), James Carson, Jack Pritchard

Head Coach: Daniel Newcombe

India vs Wales Head-to Head

The teams have met each other thrice and on all three occasions India have come out on top.

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