Four, Including A Woman, Were Held In Kerala For The Gangrape Of A Model Inside The Vehicle

Four, Including A Woman, Were Held In Kerala For The Gangrape Of A Model Inside The Vehicle

Kochi: Kerala police on Saturday recorded the arrest of four people, including a woman, in connection with the alleged gangrape of a 19-year-old model inside a moving car.

In the case of gang rape from a 19-year-old model in Kerala’s Kochi, PTI reported that 4 people, including a woman, have been held. According to the state police, three people from Kodungallur on Thursday night, a girl from Kasargod in her vehicle Allegedly did sexual assault. 

The city police commissioner, C H Nagaraju said that the victim living in the city of Kakkanad had invited a Rajasthani female friend to a DJ party and introduced her to these people. Later, consuming alcohol, the accused took the model to their vehicle and made this gang rape.

Police said the accused woman, a known person to the victim, hails from Rajasthan and works as a model here. Police are also investigating the background of the four accused and will produce them before court soon.

While addressing the Media, the police Commissioner, said there was an element of trafficking also involved in the incident.

A senior Police officer also claimed that “There is an element of trafficking in this. Section 370 involving anti-human trafficking has also been added in the FIR as a person has been moved from one place to another for this purpose,”. Police have added various provisions including sections for criminal conspiracy, rape, and kidnapping.

As per the PTI report, After taking the accused into custody police also said that medical evidence suggests that the victim was seriously injured and these criminals had left her in the Kakkanad to flee.

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“Medical evidence suggested that she was injured. After committing the crime, the men dropped the victim at Kakkanad,” a senior police official mentioned.

The incident came to light when the private hospital informed the police and registered the case where the victim was admitted by one of his roommates on Friday early morning.