FIFA World Cup 2022: Special Dishes Of Qatar That You Can Enjoy

FIFA World Cup 2022: Special Dishes Of Qatar That You Can Enjoy

New Delhi: It would be unthinkable to visit Qatar and skip out on trying the local cuisine. Finding the most incredible food in Doha, Qatar, known for its first-rate hospitality and high-quality restaurants, isn’t as difficult as one might imagine. Visitors can enjoy a variety of gastronomic delights in Qatar, including a wealth of traditional cuisines, delicious foreign cuisine, and much more. The primary international flavour influences on Qatari cuisine are Bedouin culture, with minor contributions from Indian, East African, and Persian Gulf civilizations.

Here are some of the dishes to delve into while you are on your trip to Qatar:

1. Saloona:

Saloona is a delicious, classic Arabian stew cooked with spicy meat of your choice, veggies, herbs, and tomatoes. Usually, it is provided with rice or bread. Additionally, there are eateries in Qatar that add their own modern touch to Saloona. This delicacy in Qatar is a must-try if you are visiting the place. 

2. Warak Enab:

Warak Enab is a light snack that is one of the best dishes to try in terms of Qatari cuisine and is suitable for any time of the day. The snack involves stuffing vine leaves with rice, beef, and lamb mince.

The dish is simple to find in Doha for tourists. The snack Warak Enab can be enjoyed with a slice of fresh lemon and is typically seasoned with garlic, coriander, and pepper.

3. Balaleet:

Pasta made sweet—in this dish with Indian influences, fried vermicelli is topped with a saffron omelette, creating a texture that is at once soft, crunchy, sweet, and savoury. People eat it for dessert as well as breakfast and is usually prepared during Eid-al-Fitr celebrations when friends and families gather together to savour the dish.

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4. Madrouba:

Madrouba is a rice porridge that is a traditional dish in Qatar and is consumed at any time of the day. The meal, which is made with milk, butter, chicken, and cardamom, needs to boil for hours before it is ready.

It’s interesting to note that each restaurant in Qatar has its own Madrouba recipe and method of preparation. However, at times, even the toppings can vary.

.5. Kousa Mahshi:

The Kousa Mahshi is yet another popular Middle Eastern dish in Qatar. This delicacy, which is frequently available in restaurants and is commonly served for vegetarians by using chickpeas in place of lamb, is a stuffed courgette filled with minced lamb and vegetables. It is seasoned with parsley and mint. It is actually stuffed zucchini which is baked in the oven before being served hot.

Kousa Mahshi tastes best when it is dipped in tomato paste or yoghurt, in terms of flavour.