Explosion Near Russian Embassy Rocks Kabul City, Two Employees Dead: Report

Explosion Near Russian Embassy Rocks Kabul City, Two Employees Dead: Report

An explosion occurred in the Darul Aman area of Kabul city on Monday. Multiple media reports suggest that the target of the attack was the Russian Embassy in the city. So far, no comment has been made by security officials on the incident, which rocked Kabul city, as per Afghanistan’s Tolo News.

Two Russian diplomats are among those killed in the explosion outside the embassy in Kabul, RT reported.

⚡️Explosion Reported near Russian Embassy in KabulA powerful explosion on the Darul Aman road is being reported by local press, in the vicinity of the Russian embassy in the Afghan capital. Follow us on Telegram https://t.co/8u9sqgdVPV pic.twitter.com/z2dZUmMZGs

— RT (@RT_com) September 5, 2022

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that two diplomats were killed in the Kabul explosion, RT reported.

⚡️Russian Foreign Ministry Confirms Two Diplomatic Staffers Dead in Kabul ExplosionMORE: https://t.co/vzErpRt1V5 pic.twitter.com/syNVi82qON

— RT (@RT_com) September 5, 2022

Earlier last week on Friday, as many as 18 people were killed and 21 wounded in a deadly blast that occurred inside a mosque in Herat province of Taliban-occupied Afghanistan, news agency Associated Press reported quoting local media.

Notably, ToLo News reported that one person identied as Mawlawi Mujeeb Rahman Ansari, the imam of the mosque, was killed in the blast that took place in the western city of the country.

Local officials in Herat confirmed ToLO News about the death of Ansari in a blast at Guzargah mosque in Herat and said the blast was due to a suicide attack inside the mosque during the Friday prayers.

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Even the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Zabihullah Mujahid had confirmed that the prominent cleric was killed in the blast that occured during during Friday prayers. Mujahid took to Twitter and said that the perpetrators of this incident will be punished.

On August 31, the Taliban-regime celebrated its first anniversary of the withdrawal of Western forces from Afghanistan with suicide bomber squads, homemade bombs assembled in oil containers, and old guards riding motorcycles in local uniforms were on display in the capital city.

The Taliban also made a show of strength by performing a military parade with military equipment of American forces worth billions left behind during its chaotic withdrawal of US-led NATO forces from the country. 

The day was also declared a national holiday in the country and Taliban forces marked the night of the first anniversary in Kabul with fireworks and celebratory shots into the air.

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