Delhi: 25-Year-Old Drug Addict Kills Family Days After Returning From Rehab

Delhi: 25-Year-Old Drug Addict Kills Family Days After Returning From Rehab

A 25-year-old drug addict from Delhi allegedly killed his family in Palam on Tuesday. He had returned from a rehabilitation centre a few days ago, the police said.

The accused, Keshav, stabbed his parents, sister, and grandmother to death after a quarrel. The bodies were found lying in pools of blood in separate rooms of the house. The deceased have been identified as Keshav’s grandmother Deewana Devi (75), father Dinesh (50), mother Darshana, and sister Urvashi (18).

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Neighbours were alerted by the screams of the victims around 10.30 pm on Tuesday and rushed to check on them. They caught him as he was trying to escape the building. One of them called the police and handed him over to the police. Neighbours said he was under the influence of drugs at that time.

Keshav had quit his job in a Gurgaon firm about a month ago, police said. He has been charged under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code.

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Keshav’s cousin Kuldeep, who lives in the same building, was the first person to get hold of the accused. He said: “I reached home from a shop around 9 last night. As I entered the house, my sister told me she heard Urvashi crying. When I went upstairs to check, Keshav did not entertain me saying it was a family matter and told me to leave.”

“When I was gathering some people in the neighbourhood to intervene, I spotted Keshav running downstairs. I managed to get hold of him and handed him over to the police,” he said.

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Kuldeep said that earlier this month, Keshav had stolen batteries from the first floor. He returned home last night to get some money. He had also done some jail time in connection with an ATM robbery case,” Kuldeep said.

(With inputs from PTI)

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