Delhi Doctors Successfully Remove Football-Sized Tumour From Woman's Stomach

Delhi Doctors Successfully Remove Football-Sized Tumour From Woman's Stomach

New Delhi, Sep 5 (PTI) A four-kg giant mesenteric tumour was successfully removed from the stomach of a 32-year-old woman via laparoscopic surgery at a private hospital here, a statement said on Monday.

The patient, who hails from Nepal, had visited the C K Birla hospital in Delhi with complaints of extreme pain and an over-sized stomach. Upon further evaluation, it was diagnosed that she had a giant 4 kg and 40 centimetres long tumour in her stomach.

The surgery to remove the giant tumour was performed using a keyhole laparoscopy technique and the tumour was extracted via a pfannenstiel incision, which is usually made during a caesarean section for delivery of the baby.

The procedure resulted in no scarring on the abdomen and ensured minimal pain to the patient.

“I was quite worried when I got to know about my condition. Top hospitals in Kathmandu and even in Delhi were not ready to go-ahead with the surgery due to the size of the tumour. I was assured by the hospital that the tumour can be removed with minimal scars and pain, which made me confident to undergo laparoscopic surgery,” the 32-year-old patient said.

One of the doctors who performed the surgery, Amit Javed said extracting the tumour was like delivering a large size baby as in a caesarean section.

“It was a very complex surgery because of the large size of the tumour, which occupied the abdominal cavity, giving us very little space in the abdomen to perform the laparoscopic surgery. In addition, the tumour was very large and heavy which made it difficult to handle and perform the dissection laparoscopically,” Javed said, adding the patient has fully recovered and leading a normal life.

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Mesenteric tumour are rare and consist of a heterogeneous group of lesions.

Masses may arise from any of the mesenteric components, like peritoneum (tissue that covers most of the organs in abdomen), lymphatic tissue, fat, and connective tissue. Mesenteric tumours are usually discovered incidentally or during investigation of non-specific symptoms. PTI ABU RDT

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