Comfy And Carefree: Know How The Pandemic Has Raised Trend Of 'Two-Mile' Fashion

Comfy And Carefree: Know How The Pandemic Has Raised Trend Of 'Two-Mile' Fashion

New Delhi: How would you describe fashion in general? We frequently use the statement, “Clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, make-up, haircuts, and body posture all kinds of self-expression and autonomy across a set time and place in a certain context is something that we can refer to as style or fashion,” as our response to this topic. Fashion is a trendy stage that occurs when a certain style becomes widely adopted and production of that style increases. What’s trending today is ‘two-mile’ fashion. 

Nearly everything was altered by the pandemic, lockdown, work-from-home (WFH) culture, and restricted social events, which eventually had an impact on how we dress. What was formerly considered to be too uninteresting to be worn outside is now a fashionable fashion statement. This trend, called “2 Mile Fashion,” is incredibly cozy and lax. Because it allows one to look professionally presentable as well as make them feel comfortable. Following such demands, brands are motivated to release collections with straightforward (comfy) yet fashionable clothing. 

If you are someone new to know about this ‘two-mile’ fashion trend, this article is for you! Here’s everything you need to know about the two-mile fashion trend: 

How Has ‘Two-Mile’ Fashion Emerged?

It’s remarkable to track down the journey of how an uninteresting trend may transform into an iconic one in an instant. The effortlessness of the ‘two-mile outfit’ is what distinguishes it. Unlike others, it combines comfort, style, and utility.

“The pandemic really had us questioning everything. We started to lean towards a simpler lifestyle and that’s when 2-mile fashion was truly born. This understated lifestyle finally rose to light and gave us ideal lounging attire that can double shift between home, your grocery store, and sometimes even the office. Besides the two main events of WFH and the pandemic, it represented a perfect balance of peace and comfort,” says Fashion Designer, Priyanka Sagar,  DaMENSCH. 

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To understand the origin of the trend, it’s vital to remember that a few years ago, fashion innovation in this very field was viewed as useless. But today, even your typical wear-at-home shorts have additional pockets and stretch. It basically means that no matter what you’re doing, you’re in a comfortable “state of mind,” and that’s the true purpose of the trend. 

The pandemic even inspired many brands to release ideal loungewear and WFH sets to be a part of this unique trend. “Thanks to 2-mile fashion, we now have more presentable folks at our neighborhood cafes and grocery stores! Today, more offices and workplaces are open to their employees walking in with what’s called ‘work leisure’ wear. That’s technically two-mile fashion extending its scope,” says Priyanka Sagar.