Forget 'Bharat Jodo', Focus On 'Parivar Chhodo': BJP's 'Advice' To Congress After Azad's Resignation

Forget 'Bharat Jodo', Focus On 'Parivar Chhodo': BJP's 'Advice' To Congress After Azad's Resignation

Hours after the senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad ended his decades old association with the party, ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) took a pod shot at Gandhis and said that the exit of former leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha reflects “a vote of no-confidence” in the leadership of the opposition party, which has now become a “family firm”.

Slamming Rahul Gandhi for his proposed “Bharat jodo yatra”, BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla said that Congress should forget “Bharat jodo” (unite India) and undertake a “Parivar chhodo” (quit family) exercise instead.

In a five-page no holds barred letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Azad tendered his resignation, describing the interim President a “nominal figurehead” and alleging that all important decisions are being taken by Rahul Gandhi or rather worse “his security guards and PAs”.

Reacting to Azad’s hard-hitting letter to Sonia Gandhi, Poonawalla said that the Jammu & Kashmir leader’s resignation letter reflects how it is impossible for any person to be “azad” (free) in the grand old party and one can only be a “ghulam or darbari” (slave).

“In fact, the INC should not be called Indian National Congress but I Need Coterie,” he sarcastically said.

Accusing the Congress leadership of being intolerant, the BJP spokesperson said that if anyone raises his or her voice for ensuring these reforms, they are ‘insulted’ and thrown out of the party.

“Ironically, the Congress party preaches democracy across the country but has made itself democracy-free,” he said.

Pointing out Congress’ fallout in dealing with high-profile exits, including that of Kapil Sibal and Ashwani Kumar in the recent past, the BJP spokesperson also pointed out that a number of senior Congress leaders quit the party and identified the same issues as flagged by Azad for their decision.

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“Yet, the Congress continues to put Parivar above performance and sycophancy above merit and engages in ‘Beta Bachao’ rather than ‘party bachao’,” news agency PTI quoted Poonawalla as saying.

“It also exposes the lack of internal democracy, accountability and elections within the Congress and also, how the first family of the Congress believes in remote controlling rather than allowing transparency and accountability,” Poonawalla further claimed.

Congress On Azad’s Resignation

Senior Congress leader M Mallikarjun Kharge said that the party had given Ghulam Nabi Azad “everything” during his five-decade old tenure and his comments on Rahul Gandhi were “not in good taste”.

“The party has given him everything,” Kharge told PTI reacting to the resignation of Azad from primary membership of the party. “You (Azad) enjoyed (power) for long, and now you are finding fault?”, he said.

Defending Rahul Gandhi, Kharge said that the Wayanad MP is fighting the RSS-BJP and has been boldly taking on the government on the issue of inflation and unemployment, among others.