Billionaire Warren Buffett Auctions Signed Portrait Ahead Of 92nd Birthday. Bids Surpass $30,000

Billionaire Warren Buffett Auctions Signed Portrait Ahead Of 92nd Birthday. Bids Surpass $30,000

Billionaire Warren Buffett’s high-tech signed portrait is being auctioned to raise money for a charity whose bidding has already surpassed $30,000. The auction which started earlier this week will be concluded on Buffett’s 92nd birthday that falls on August 30, reported news agency AP.

The portrait has been created by Motiva Art that displays a grid of letters over the picture that light up to spell out several of the veteran investor’s famous quotes.

Know about the auctions that happened so far

The eBay auction of this artwork may not be able to compete with the $19 million that was paid earlier this year for a private lunch with Buffett. However, it’s still likely to attract big bidders among the Berkshire Hathaway CEO’s devoted followers.

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The proceeds from the art auction will be sent to the non-profit organisation (NGO) at his home town, Girls Inc. of Omaha, which provides educational, cultural, and recreational programmes for young women. Earlier also it has received a number of other things that investor had auctioned over the years.

Earlier, Buffett had sold off an old wallet containing a stock tip and raised up to $210,000 for the organisation. And in 2015, someone paid more than $122,000 for Buffett’s 2006 Cadillac with his signature on the dashboard.

In 2018, the Buffett made his biggest payout to Girls Inc when he won a 10-year bet that an S&P 500 stock index fund would outperform a collection of hedge funds. It managed to rake in more than $2 million that Girls Inc. utilised in supporting a new residential programme for young women leaving foster care.

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The June lunch auction that raised $19 million for the California-based Glide Foundation supporting homeless in San Francisco garnered an astronomical winning bid because Buffett had mentioned that this year’s auction would be the final one. Before the onset of pandemic, he had auctioned off private lunches every year for 20 years and regularly raised millions for Glide.