Bigg Boss Fame Rohit Verma Reveals Being Raped By Uncle When He Was 8: 'This Went On For 3-4 Years'

Bigg Boss Fame Rohit Verma Reveals Being Raped By Uncle When He Was 8: 'This Went On For 3-4 Years'

New Delhi: Bigg Boss fame and popular designer Rohit Verma recently revealed details about his life, childhood, betrayal, and more. The designer appeared on RJ Siddharth Kanan’s chat show and revealed that he was sexually abused by his uncle when he was just 8 years old. Rohit shared the horror of what he went through.  

“I am from a very good family. But my family members have very old ideas. Even though I was born into a good family, I was sexually abused in my childhood by my real uncle. I was raped by my own uncle at the age of eight. He used to make me wear a sari, put hot wax on my body and do horrific abusive acts. I was horrified to tell my mother because he (uncle) said that nobody will believe you, and this went on for 3-4 years. I faced that in my family and I didn’t tell anyone,” Rohit told RJ Siddharth Kanan. 

He also recalled his years of working as a prostitute in Mumbai when he’d wear women’s outfits. He said he doesn’t regret the phase as he needed money. 

The fashion designer also opened up about being cheated on by a superstar male boyfriend. Rohit revealed that he fasted for him on Karva Chauth and was waiting at home to eat together but he didn’t turn up. And when he visited him, he found the superstar with another woman. 

Recently, Karan Mehra filed a defamation case against Rohit Verma for allegedly tarnishing his image in the Karan-Nisha Rawal feud. Rohit reacted to it by saying that he has the same amount of love for both Karan and Nisha. 

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“I have the same amount of love I have for Karan that I always had, although he has filed a defamation case against me. I am fighting. But at that time (describing a situation), the kind of situation that was, when you see a girl bleeding from the head, you won’t see left and right. I was not a part of that fight,” he was quoted as saying by Pinkvilla. 

Rohit Varma gained popularity with his participation in the television reality show ‘Bigg Boss 3’ in 2009.