Bengali Actor Debashree Roy’s Mother, Rani Mukerji’s Grandmother Arati Roy Passes Away At 92

Bengali Actor Debashree Roy’s Mother, Rani Mukerji’s Grandmother Arati Roy Passes Away At 92

New Delhi: Well-known Bengali actor Debashree Roy’s mother Arati Roy dies on Tuesday around 6:30 PM due to age related ailments. Arati Roy was 92 years old. She was living with her elder daughter for the last few months. An emotional Debashree shared that her mother died in the presence of her three daughters.

Debashree Roy has always championed how her mother supported her throughout her career and made contributions so that one day, her daughter could make her film debut. During an appearance on a TV show hosted by Debshankar Haldar, the actor revealed how her mother took her to shoots, helped her with dance costumes and more. “My mother is everything, “ she said on the show.

Debashree has often been cited as the reigning queen of Bengali commercial cinema. She has acted in more than a hundred films and won over forty awards, including a National Award. Besides acting, Debashree is also a dancer and runs the Natraj dance troupe. She is also an animal rights activist and has founded the non-profit organization that works for the cause of stray animals.

“I could not understand when mother left. I became an actress because of my mother.She had no particular disease except the problems of old age.But in the end, she had all of her three daughters by her side, so she went very peacefully.” Debashree told

Arati Roy had suffered major injury when had an accidental fall in August 2022. Earlier Debashree had updated about her mother’s health, “My mother is currently living with my elder sister. She fell down and seriously injured her forehead. She lost a lot of blood and fell unconscious,” a Hindustan Times report said.

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Arati Roy also happens to be the grandmother of Rani Mukerji whose mother Krishna Mukherjee is Debashree’s sister. However, as per reports, she would not be attending the last rites of Arati Devi due to physical illness.