Andhra Pradesh: Discoms catered to higher power demand on August 23  

The AP-Discoms met 228.82 Million Units (MU) of electricity demand on August 23 against 189.10 MU of total demand met on the same day in 2021, which was a year-on-year growth of 21%.

The peak demand during the day was 11,300 MW at 1.50 p.m. against the peak demand of 9,110 MW met on the same day the previous year. “This is a growth of 24.04%,” according to an official release.

The evening peak demand was 8,993 MW and the average demand during the day was 9,534 MW. There was no load relief during the day.

Coal availability

As far as the coal availability on Tuesday was concerned, the release said the Rayalaseema Thermal Power Plant (RTPP) had a closing stock of 31,709 tonnes sufficient for 1.51 days.

The closing stock with the Hinduja thermal plant in Visakhapatnam was 16,384 tonnes adequate for 1.71 days.

Dr. Narla Tatarao Thermal Power Station (NTTPS) had a balance of 1,02,323 tonnes that would last for 3.59 days.

With a closing stock of 2,06,287 tonnes sufficient for 10.86 days, Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Thermal Power Station (SDSTPS) is in a relatively comfortable position than the others.

The NTTPS, RTPP, SDSTPS and Hinduja plants require on an average 28,500 tonnes, 21,000 tonnes, 19,000 tonnes and 9,600 tonnes of coal respectively per day for full generation.

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