Raja Singh episode leaves Telangana BJP speechless

Senior party leaders avoid commenting on the maverick legislator’s utterances that triggered a row

Senior party leaders avoid commenting on the maverick legislator’s utterances that triggered a row

The episode involving Goshamahal MLA T. Raja Singh has left the Telangana BJP speechless. While there are protests across the State after the arrest of party president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar and the police notice to halt his ‘Praja Sangrama Yatra’ on Wednesday, there is no word about the MLA’s status, who has been arrested and released, for his offensive comments.

Union Minister for Tourism, Culture and Development of Northeast region G. Kishan Reddy feigned ignorance about the Facebook post or Raja Singh’s suspension from the party when he was asked about it during his press conference at the State office on Tuesday.

“I have not seen the post as it has been removed. I do not know,” he replied. With the party high command making the suspension public from Delhi itself within hours, few saw it coming. This was the same line of Nizamabad MP D. Aravind too when he was addressing the media.

There was no official statement on his arrest or later about his release. In fact, there was a sepulchral silence even on Wednesday during the protest demonstrations as none of the leaders invoked his name or mentioned about the happening even while some youngsters were agitating just a few kilometres away in the old city.

This was because, as a senior party leader said, “Just when we thought we had seized the initiative when our president was arrested and his ongoing walkathon was halted for raising the issue of MLC K. Kavitha’s name allegedly figuring in the Delhi liquor scam, Mr. Raja Singh’s act came as a shock”.

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Apparently, few had an inkling that the MLA was going to post the objectionable comments though he had threatened a “retaliatory” action for the State government allowing the Munawar Farooqui comedy show. “What can we say or do after our central leadership had taken a decision?” is the general comment of the leaders who matter.

Mr. Raja Singh was not exactly known for toeing the party line and invariably always exhibited a streak of independence to cater to his band of supporters in his utterances or actions. There was an attempt to deny him ticket in the last elections, but was overruled by the central leadership then and now it has cut him down to size.

“Our party has not tolerated anyone abusing other religions, why can’t other parties do the same if they truly believe in the country’s ethos,” questioned a senior party leader.