‘Drunk’ couple forget toddlers in autorickshaw after quarreling

A small-time scrap trader Krishna(38) and his wife Sujatha(35), both reportedly in an inebriated condition, forgot their toddlers in their autorickshaw after an altercation, near Kodumur in Kurnool district on Monday night.

Krishna, who collects materials in Kurnool and sells them at Kodumur, was returning along with his wife and two children in his autorickshaw when an argument broke out between them. According to Kodumur police, the couple got out of the vehicle and started quarreling on the stretch between Penchikalapadu and Kodumur.

When Krishna reportedly began hitting Sujatha, the woman cried out for help, alerting the nearby villagers. They reached the spot and informed the police, who took the duo to the police station.

After the dust settled, the couple remembered that they had forgotten their toddlers in the autorickshaw. The police rushed to the spot and brought the toddlers, who were asleep in the vehicle, back to the station.

The Kodumur police registered a case against Krishna, who had reportedly been abusing his wife for a long time.

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