Amid Resignations, Elon Musk Asks Twitter Engineers To Fly In For Urgent Meet At HQ: Report

Amid Resignations, Elon Musk Asks Twitter Engineers To Fly In For Urgent Meet At HQ: Report

Amid widespread layoffs and resignations, Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk asked engineers to fly to Twitter headquarters for an in-person meeting on Friday, reported Reuters. Elon Musk emailed Twitter staff asking that any employees who write software code report to the 10th floor of Twitter’s office in San Francisco at 2 p.m. 

The email said, “Anyone who actually writes software, please report to the 10th floor at 2 p.m. today.” In a follow-up, Musk said, “I would appreciate it if you could fly to SF to be present in person,” according to an email reviewed by Reuters. Musk said that he would be available at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters until midnight.

The mail further read, “Before doing so, please email me a bullet point summary of what your code commits have achieved in the past 6 months, along with up to 10 screenshots of the most salient lines of code.”

In an earlier memo, Musk wrote, “There will be short, technical interviews that allow me to better understand the Twitter tech stack.”

The report also said that Musk told remote employees that he would speak with them over video. People who cannot physically get to the company’s headquarters or have a family emergency would be excused.

Following a Thursday deadline, in which Musk asked staffers to sign up for “long hours at high intensity”, or leave, hundreds of Twitter employees are estimated to have decided to quit the company. It was reported that several employees took to Twitter to announce their resignations ahead of the deadline. 

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In the first email to Twitter employees after taking over, Musk said, “We are also changing Twitter policy such that remote work is no longer allowed unless you have a specific exception.”

He added, “Managers will send the exceptions lists to me for review and approval.”

Musk earlier sacked 50 per cent of the Twitter workforce including several key executives.