Aftab Forced Shraddha To Eat Non-Veg, Would Beat Her If She Didn’t, Says Mumbai Activist She Consulted

Aftab Forced Shraddha To Eat Non-Veg, Would Beat Her If She Didn’t, Says Mumbai Activist She Consulted

New Delhi: Aftab Amin Poonawala, the suspect in killing of her live-in partner Shraddha Walkar, would force his partner to eat non-veg and would beat her when she would resist it, told Shraddha’s acquaintance and social activist Poonam Bidlani to ABP News. Bidlani told that Shraddha had approached her three times at her Nalasopara residence to get help when she moved with Aftab in the adjacent Vasai area in Mumbai.

Bidlani said that Shraddha came to her three times and they once even went to Tulinj Police Station to file a non-cognisable offence. Considering the seriousness of the matter, an FIR was to be lodged for which Shraddha was also ready. 

She also said that after Aftab would beat her, he would not stay in the home and would instead go to his parent’s house. Later his parents would emotionally manipulate Shraddha into forgiving him and assuring her that their son would not do such things again, and Shraddha would forgive her, she added. 

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“Once when Shraddha came to me, she had bruises on her forehead, cheeks, and neck suggesting as if she was strangled,” Bidlani recalled and added that when she asked her the reason, Shraddha told her that she was beaten by Aftab and that if she would not have left the place, “he would have killed her”. 

Aftab would beat her even if he would be furious about any other thing. He would beat Shraddha on any topic of argument, the activist said. 

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Bidlani told ABP News that she counselled Shraddha several times and told her that Aftab’s personality was “totally opposite” from hers and that how could she live with someone who would beat her so much. 

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For some time, Shraddha would realise this but later when she would meet Aftab’s parents, they would request her to forgive him and that he would mend his way soon, thus emotionally manipulating her, said the activist. 

Shraddha would tell Bidlnai that she was afraid of Aftab and that he might take her life one day.