On Camera: AAP, BJP Leaders Engage In Brawl Outside Delhi Schools Over Corruption Charges

On Camera: AAP, BJP Leaders Engage In Brawl Outside Delhi Schools Over Corruption Charges

The face-off between AAP and BJP intensified on Wednesday, with leaders from both the parties engaging in a brawl on camera outside schools in Delhi. AAP’s Saurabh Bharadwaj and BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia both tweeted vidoes along with their allegations of their versions of the brawl.

Gaurav Bhatia visited a school on Wednesday on the invite of AAP’s Saurabh Bharadwaj after the BJP alleged financial irregularities in the construction of classrooms. BJP has also accused the AAP government of falsely promising 500 new schools, which were never built.

Bhatia had challenged the AAP government to take him to a “single school” built by them.

Bharadwaj first tweeted a video showing BJP’s Bhatia getting into his car amid shouting of slogans by a group of AAP supporters. The AAP leader claimed the BJP leader refused to enter the school and “ran away”. 

“We told him there are 498 more schools, let us see them, but he refused and fled,” Bharadwaj tweeted.

Soon, Bhatia countered with another video in which he alleges that Bharadwaj took him to a school built in 1966.

“We have come to second school that is unfinished. This is the reality after eight-and-a half years. Thanks, the truth has come out,” Bhatia is seen saying in the video as Bhardwaj keeps countering him.

The AAP and the BJP have been at odds over the past couple of weeks ever since the CBI raided Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia over the AAP government’s liquor policy. The AAP has come all out against the BJP, accusing it of offering bribes to its MLAs to jump ship in an attempt to topple the government in Delhi.

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Last week, citing a CVC report sent to the Delhi government’s vigilance department in 2020 seeking comments for further investigation and action into construction of additional classrooms in city government schools, the BJP alleged that the AAP regime hiked the construction cost by Rs 326 crore — 53 per cent more than the original tender amount — without floating a new tender.